How To Fix Xbox One Controller Not Working Bug On Mortal Kombat 11 PC

Want to play with Xbox One Controller on PC and facing issue then read this guide

If you are playing Mortal Kombat 11 on PC and want to use Xbox One controller on it, but it is not responding to them there is a small fix that will help you to resolve the issue. In this guide, you will learn how to activate Xbox One controller on PC running Windows OS to play Mortal Kombat 11. But remember the settings can affect other controllers for example if you are using a Logitech Game controller, the settings are separate for both. We had added both below.

How To Make Xbox One controller work for MK 11 On PC

We are thankful to Youtuber BPhoenix, who shared a short video on how to resolve the issue. The video is embedded below you can watch that for more details on resolving the issue or else follow the steps below.

Fixing Xbox One Controller Issue on Windows

  1. Go to the partition where you had installed windows, by default it is C drive.
  2. Then click Users > Choose Your User Name > App Data > Local > MK11
  3. In this folder, you will find some files and folders. The important one is UserSettings.ini.
  4. First backup this file and create a copy, just in case if there is an issue you can restore it.
  5. Next right click on it and open it with a text editor like Notepad++ or Notepad.
  6. Under [General] you will see DirectInput = on. Replace on with off.
  7. Add XboxOne = on. Save the file and right click on it > Properties. Add a tick on Read Only.

This will activate Xbox One controller on PC and you can play Mortal Kombat 11. Remember if you are using Logitech game controller then it will stop working because the value for DirectInput is off, you have to enable it back again by changing the value to on.

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