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D’Vorah Combos Guide & List – Mortal Kombat 11 Moves Tutorial

Get list of all combo moves of D'Vorah and how to perform them

D’Vorah made her debut in Mortal Kombat X, she has extra tentacles that servers lethal attacks. If you know how to use them well without touching an opponent you can consume a big chunk of health. Her body has bugs in it, she can summon up and change the fighting style which very few characters can really do. In this MK11 D’Vorah’s Combos Guide, you will learn his combo moves and learn about controls to perform them on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. There are some really interesting and strong moves she can perform which are hard to dodge for an opponent. She uses magic and environment objects a lot.


D’Vorah Combos Tutorial – PS4 Controls

  1. Yellow Jacket – Square, Triangle
  2. Black Widow  – Square, Triangle, Square
  3. Bot Fly – Foward + Square, X
  4. Assassin Bug – Triangle, Square
  5. Wandering Spider – Triangle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
  6. Siafu – Forward + Triangle + Triangle
  7. Bugging Out – Foward + Triangle, Triangle, Circle
  8. Killer Bee – Back + X, Circle
  9. Lonomia – Circle, Circle

D’Vorah Combos Tutorial – Xbox One Controls

  1. Yellow Jacket – X, Y
  2. Black Widow  – X, Y, X
  3. Bot Fly – Foward + X, A
  4. Assassin Bug – Y, X
  5. Wandering Spider -Y, X, Y, Y, Y
  6. Siafu – Forward + Y, Y
  7. Bugging Out – Foward + Y, Y, B
  8. Killer Bee – Back + A, B
  9. Lonomia – B, B

D’Vorah Combos Tutorial – Nintendo Switch Controls

  1. Yellow Jacket – Y, X
  2. Black Widow  – Y, X, Y
  3. Bot Fly – Foward + Y, B
  4. Assassin Bug – X, Y
  5. Wandering Spider -X, Y, X, X, X
  6. Siafu – Forward + X, X
  7. Bugging Out – Foward + X, X, A
  8. Killer Bee – Back + B, A
  9. Lonomia – A, A

D’vorah has some projectiles attack that falls in the special moves like Fireflies and Swarm. You can find more of them in the character section of Mortal Kombat 11

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