Mortal Kombat 11 Dragon Amulet Location Guide

Dragon Amulet is one of the most essential items in Mortal Kombat 11 to unlock new areas, you will find a large wooden door in the Krypt which can only be unlocked with a dragon amulet but finding the said item can be a bit difficult. This guide will show the location of Dragon Amulet in Mortal Kombat 11.

Where to find Dragon Amulet

When you find the large wooden door in the Krypt which asks for the Dragon Amulet, simply follow the scaffolding to reach the shrine. You can try your luck by spending money in hopes of winning items.

The first time you spend money in this area, you will get Kronika’s Amulet which will come in handy as you progress in the game.

Proceed further down the hall towards the big door and you will see a meteorite fall down, destroying one of the statues to your left, go towards the broken statue and place Kronika’s Amulet at the base of the statue. This will make the statue repair itself and you will get the Thunder God’s Shattered Staff.

After you’re done with this part, move ahead through the large door towards Goro’s Lair, take the elevator down and proceed into the throne room. Hug the wall to your left and keep going through the corridors avoiding the traps till you get to a door with a receptacle the shape of Raiden’s staff.

Use the item you received before, and enter inside. You will see a bridge to your left, you will need to cross it and find a chest.

Here you will need to spend about 20,000 coins to open it, once you do you will find the Dragon’s Amulet inside.

Take the amulet and go back to the courtyard to unlock a shortcut with an area consisting of a brand new puzzle and another red chest.

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