Cassie Cage Combos Guide & List – Mortal Kombat 11 Moves Tutorial

Get list of all combo moves of Cassie Cage and how to perform them

Looking to find how to perform Cassie Cage Combo Moves, then this in this Mortal Kombat 11 moves tutorial guide we will give you a list of all Cassie Cage combos moves and how to perform them on PS4. The combo moves tutorial in this guide are based on the game walkthrough, it is reflected for the first time on the screen in story mode. You can explore more in the character section of the game. Cassie Cage is the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, this makes her a perfect combination of both the characters.

Cassie Cage Combos Tutorial – PS4 Controls

  1. Active Duty – Square, Triangle, Circle.
  2. Assaulted – Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle.
  3. Keepin’ It Classy – D-pad Right + Triangle, Circle, X.
  4. One In The Chamber – D-pad Left + Circle, Square, Triangle.
  5. Marching Orders – X, Circle.
  6. Dual Wielding – D-pad Right, D-pad Left, Square.
  7. Shoulder Charge – D-pad Right, D-pad Left, Triangle.
  8. Up Glow Kick – D-pad Right, D-pad Left, Circle.
  9. Flying Glow Kick – D-pad Right, D-pad Left, X.
  10. The Rushdown – Triangle + Square + D-pad Down + Triangle
  11. Ball Buster – D-pad Left + D-pad Down + X
  12. BLB-118 Energy Burst – D-pad Down + D-pad Left + Circle
  13. Heavy Hitter – D-pad Left + X + Circle + X

Use L2 + R2 to perform a Fatal Blow when your health below 30%. Learn the combos above and you will be able to tackle your opponents, other than there are fatalities and brutalities also but they can be used in the end when you drain out maximum health. With these, there are certain basic attacks that are necessary before you begin.

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