How to find Mist Flower Corolla in Genshin Impact?

If you are struggling to complete the Mist Flower Corolla Quest in Genshin Impact then this guide will help you in finding all four of them.

Certain quest in Genshin Impact requires you to find rare items. Like Mist Flower Corolla, in the quest, you will have to find four of them. Without knowing the exact locations you have to explore a lot. In this article, I am going to give you hints about the Mist Flower Corolla location. Where are the flowers located, which is their common spawn point? Even if you find you cannot collect them directly.

How to collect and find 4 Mist Flower Corolla?

Mist Flower Corolla is a frozen flower, you can collect them with Fire Element. You cannot pull them out with it, they are frozen and remains locked. You will come across the quest in the story-line for finding 4 flowers.

Mist Flower Corolla Location 1

The first Mist Flower of Corolla is on the west of Dawn Winery. Refer to the Genshin Impact screenshot above. You will have to kill some ice enemies and the flowers will spawn near the ice flowers. Use a fire move to collect three Mist Flower of Corolla. The flowers are frozen, you cannot collect them without using a fire move. Do not walk over the icy floor you will freeze. There are only three Mist Flowers in this area, for the fourth one to complete the quest keep reading.

Mist Flower Corolla Location 2

The fourth and final Mist Flower is in the cave at the back of the waterfall. Not far from where you find the first three head to the south-west direction. You will have to be on the peak to locate the cave. There are two flowers inside. Use the power move to collect the flower and you are done with all four Mist Flowers of Corolla in Genshin Impact.

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