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Why Is Mineplex Shutting Down? (Answered)

Wondering why Mineplex is said to be shutting down? Find out the reasons.

At one point, Mineplex was the largest Minecraft Server, so the talks about it shutting down is shocking to many players. This server pulled in hundreds and thousands of players each day and set world records for online players. It was known for its new and unique games like Super Paintball, Gem Hunters, Skyfall, and more. And it was a part of many Minecraft players’ childhood. So what led to its downfall and why is it shutting down?

Why is Mineplex Dead? (Answered)

Mineplex Game Modes

Mineplex was announced in early 2013 and introduced multiple game modes for the players. Although Mineplex was a major Minecraft server, it started facing many problems over the years like server outages, cheating issues, bugs, etc. One of the major reasons for the downfall of Mineplex is competition. Many servers like Hypixel, McWars, CubeCraft, and the Hive came up with their own mini-games and game modes. By the end of the year 2015, Hypixel pulled ahead in the server race.

Hypixel perfected the game modes Mineplex offered and added new innovative ones. So there was no reason to stay on Mineplex. To keep their best game modes afloat, they deleted their older modes. So when the dwindling players visited those games, they were either deleted or broken. Another area where Hypixel beat Mineplex is their better anti-cheat system. Mineplex was filled with hackers and cheaters which degraded the gaming experience. So players opted to use other servers.

The next issue faced by Mineplex is its broken games and servers. The games had many issues and they increased over a period of time. The game modes have disappeared, they’re infected by hackers, riddled with bugs, or ignored by the staff. On top of that, the new Minecraft 1.9 update brought many changes to the game which led to more broken game modes. All these issues combined led to the downfall of Mineplex in a major way.

We hope that answers your questions as to why Mineplex is shutting down. While you’re here, check out other modded servers in our Minecraft guides section.