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Minecraft Cancels Super Duper Graphics Pack Which Was Promised At E3 2017


Minecraft has been one of the lastest game to stand the test of time and the developers have been constantly bringing new things to Minecraft to keep it interesting, one of such was the Super Duper Graphics Pack which has now been canceled.

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Microsoft revealed in E3 2017 press conference that they would bring a new Super Duper Graphics Pack would be coming to Minecraft which would bring a new aesthetic aspect of the game and bring it on par with the games of the current generation.

But the reason to cancel this big update comes after Microsoft has stated that performance on various devices wasn’t being compatible. Although it has not yet been confirmed exactly what device was in question as Minecraft is available to a lot of devices and has the largest player base.

Super Duper Graphics Pack was largely omitted from this year’s announcement at Microsoft’s press conference at E3. But this devastating news has just been confirmed.

Though this does not mean the end of Minecraft rather than just a minor annoyance at best because recently Minecraft has seen a surge of players logging into the game largely thanks to the constant streaming of popular YouTuber PewDiePie.

We’re certain that Minecraft will bring something else in place of the Super Duper Graphics Pack but no official word has been released. We will keep updating on Minecraft and its new development.

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