Minecraft Dominates The Sales Chart Even After 10 Years Of Being Released

Minecraft has been flying under the radar and yet breaking almost every sort of record in the gaming industry, Minecraft recently completed 10 years since it was released back in 2009.

What is more astounding is the fact that by latest Microsoft counts, the game still has about 91 million players active every month, this shatters what Fortnite has or any other game has.

In 2016, developer Mojang stated that Minecraft had sold nearly 106.85 million copies which have gone up to 176 million copies globally, even going as far as Antartica where they have sold 4 copies in total.

What is certain is the fact neither the players or the developers want to abandon the project or even bring a sequel as it may break the player base.

Minecraft boss Helen Chiang stated,

“We’re trying to keep our community together. “That’s why our updates are free. We don’t want to ask [players] to move from Minecraft 1 to Minecraft 2. We want them to just enjoy Minecraft. And there’s other ways that we can expand that are more meaningful and authentic to what we want to be, rather than just releasing another iteration in the way that most other franchises do.”

This takes the possibility of a sequel out as the developers and the players still seem to be happy with their product while Minecraft soars to newer heights with the passing of time.