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How To Mod Minecraft Into Elden Ring (Best Mods)

Here's how to mod Minecraft into Elden Ring with the best mods.

Many players are still looking for ways how to mod Minecraft into Elden Ring. Even though there are lots of modpacks out there to do this, currently they are not enough to get the full experience with just one package. You will have to install various mods to get achieve this. So today we will help to find the best Minecraft mods to make it like Elden Ring.

Minecraft Elden Ring Mod (Best Mods)

Minecraft Elden Ring Mod Best Mods

The best suggestion we found right now is from the YT channel AsianHalfSquat. He is the one who suggested all these mods in his video for the players. Please make sure to check out his original video attached at the end of this article too. So with that said, here’s how to mod Minecraft into Elden Ring using the mods as follows:

We will also go through reasons to get these mods in the same order AsianHalfSquat mentioned in his original video.

Edit #1: AsianHalfSquat has made a modpack with all the above mods into one package. So down it from this link to get all the mods in one go. But use the individual links from above to mix & match for your own unique experience with other texture packs and mods.

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Epic Fight

The very first mod you need to revamp the gameplay of Minecraft is ‘Epic Fight’. This mod pack was based on the gameplay mechanisms of the Dark Souls series. And Elden Ring being really close to Dark Souls in combat, this is a really important modpack to get.

While comparing to Elden Ring, Minecraft has a very basic mod that focuses on basic attack patterns. Elden Ring has a well-detailed combat system, and the only way to get something close to this is by installing this mod.

After installation, your character will be able to wield both tools and weapons, but unlike the vanilla game, you will not be just mashing the attack button anymore. You have to plan your attack patterns due to the new ‘Stamina bar’ and also be careful of your sides so no enemies could flank you.

Better Third Person

Minecraft’s third-person camera is a bit different from lots of modern games, with your character always facing away from the screen. Compared to this, Elden Ring gives you the complete freedom to move your character a full 360 degrees, without the need to change the camera angle. ‘Better Third Person’ adds this ability to Minecraft and brings it to par with Elden Ring and other modern games like Assassin’s Creed series.

Shoulder Surfing Reloaded

This mod allows you to adjust your camera’s center alignment just as you like. So if you are not interested to cover the middle of the action with your character’s head, then this mod will allow you to align the center of the camera as far away from the shoulder of your character you want.


InvMove is an essential tool to open and use inventory, and also be able to move, jump, sprint, etc in the game. This is an important aspect of Elden Ring. Now you can switch out weapons and gear even in the middle of a boss fight too. We wish this feature was present in the vanilla version of the game.


The best optimization tool makes your game look awesome and get some extra FPS. Here are some of the features you get with Optifine, in Minecraft:

  1. Anisotropic Filtering
  2. Antialiasing
  3. Autosave
  4. Better Grass
  5. Better Snow
  6. Chunk Loading Control
  7. Clear Water
  8. Configurable Animations
  9. Configurable Smooth Lighting
  10. Connected Textures
  11. Dynamic Lights
  12. Fast Texturepack Switching
  13. Fog control
  14. FPS boost
  15. FPS control
  16. Fullscreen Resolution
  17. HD Textures Support
  18. Mipmaps
  19. Natural Textures
  20. Shaders Support
  21. Smart Advanced OpenGL
  22. Time Control
  23. Variable Render Distance
  24. VSync Performance

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This medieval-inspired texture pack adds that Elden Ring vibe to your game. There are new textures being added to this pack frequently by the community. So it won’t be long since we will get something resembling very close to Elden Ring soon. But for now, this is one of the best packs you can get right now for our theme.


This mod will add a new RPG interface to your game by changing the HUD. You have various style options to pick from, and you can add various features like Breath bar, Character widget, Clock widget , Experience bar, Health bar, Horse jump bar, Hunger bar, Item details, Numeric values, etc.

Mowzie’s Mobs

This mod gives you new bosses with higher difficulty to beat. You can fight them, and beat them to gain their special skills. Some of the new bosses are:

  • Barako, the Sun Chief
  • Barakoa
  • Ferrous Wroughtnaut
  • Foliaath
  • Frostmaw
  • Grottol
  • Lantern
  • Naga

Mutant Beasts

Mutant Beasts is essentially repacking the famous ‘Mutant Creatures mod’. The normal Mutant Creatures mod needs AnimationAPI mod to work in-game, but this one skips that requirement and you can instantly get the mutant variations of the Minecraft enemies.

Mutant More

This modpack adds more powerful mobs you can beat for rare items. This feels more rewarding and makes the game resemble more like Elden Ring. You get new mutant enemies like Mutant Blaze, Mutant Hoglin, Mutant Husk, Mutant Shulker, Mutant Wither Skeleton etc.

Ice and Fire: Dragons

This modpack adds two types of dragons to Minecraft. Fire Dragons with fire breathe, and Ice Dragons with ice breathe. They will populate the maps according to the biome types and takes your RPG Minecraft experience to a whole new level.

Alex’s Mobs

This modpack adds 71 different mobs of both real & fictional variations. Here are all the new mobs you can get in your game:

  1. Alligator Snapping Turtle
  2. Anaconda
  3. Anteater
  4. Bald Eagle
  5. Bison
  6. Blobfish
  7. Bone Serpent
  8. Bunfungus
  9. Cachalot Whale
  10. Capuchin Monkey
  11. Cave Centipede
  12. Cockroach
  13. Comb Jelly
  14. Cosmaw
  15. Cosmic Cod
  16. Crimson Mosquito
  17. Crocodile
  18. Crow
  19. Dropbear
  20. Elephant
  21. Emu
  22. Endergrade
  23. Enderiophage
  24. Flutter
  25. Fly
  26. Frilled Shark
  27. Froststalker
  28. Gazelle
  29. Gelada Monkey
  30. Giant Squid
  31. Gorilla
  32. Grizzly Bear
  33. Guster
  34. Hammerhead Shark
  35. Hummingbird
  36. Jerboa
  37. Kangaroo
  38. Komodo Dragon
  39. Laviathan
  40. Leafcutter Ant
  41. Lobster
  42. Maned Wolf
  43. Mantis Shrimp
  44. Mimic Octopus
  45. Mimicube
  46. Moose
  47. Mungus
  48. Orca
  49. Platypus
  50. Raccoon
  51. Rattlesnake
  52. Roadrunner
  53. Rocky Roller
  54. Seagull
  55. Seal
  56. Shoebill
  57. Snow Leopard
  58. Soul Vulture
  59. Spectre
  60. Straddler
  61. Stradpole
  62. Sunbird
  63. Tarantula Hawk
  64. Tasmanian Devil
  65. Terrapin
  66. Tiger
  67. Toucan
  68. Tusklin
  69. Void Worm
  70. Warped Mosco
  71. Warped Toad

Epic Knights: Shields, Armor, and Weapons

This mod gives you 14 new armor sets, 8 new shields types, and 24 weapons types. But make sure to check out the video from AsianHalfSquat, to know how to make this modpack work properly with other mods. It’s very less when compared to Elden Ring’s arsenal, but better than the vanilla version of Minecraft.


This modpack adds new items which you can’t craft in the game. These items will spread across the map and will be hidden inside chests. So you get a feel of Elden Ring here by focusing more on exploration to unlock these new unique items. A worthy and rewarding experience.

There are lots of other mods which we have added above from the video, which brings your Minecraft experience close to Elden Ring. But instead of explaining these features in detail here, you would appreciate you check out AsianHalfSquat’s original video for all this effort and amazing work:

That was all about best mods to mod Minecraft into Elden Ring. For more Minecraft guides, be sure to explore more tips and tricks on Gamer Tweak!