Now You Can Wear Minecraft Dungeons Cloak As You Play The Game

How better it could get!? You can now wear Minecraft Dungeons Cloaks brought to you by a popular game-fashion merchandise company, CLOAK. You would be amazed by the collection of cozy-tees, limited edition cloaks, and ultra-comfy sports jackets you can buy off from their website. With 40 different pieces of clothing to choose from, you can just not get enough.

Microsoft has tied up with CLOAK to bring to you this amazing Minecraft Dungeons merchandise. After all, what we choose to play is a life lived on our own terms. Then why not go all out. CLOAK guarantees you an equivalent amount of satisfaction and comfort you get crawling in the dungeons, looting chests, skewering Redstone golems, and finding artifacts in the Runes. But this is just the tip of the iceberg!

How can you contribute to COVID-19 Relief wearing CLOAK?

It might have felt rather unethical at first, releasing gaming merchandise at a time where the world is in shackles, struggling to cope up with the ongoing COVID pandemic. Well, this is certainly not how CLOAK rolls.

Other than delivering you the most comfortable Minecraft Dungeons’ joggers, tees, vests, and cloaks, CLOAK contributes 10% of its proceedings to the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. The more Minecraft Dungeons’ clothing you buy from CLOAK, the more it can donate for the cause.

This way, CLOAK is not only bringing to you the best Minecraft merchandise for you to drool over but also linking you to as a contributor for COVID-19 relief. This is a win-win situation on all three sides – good karma indeed. So what are you waiting for, go grab the exclusive Minecraft Dungeons merchandise from the online CLOAK store right now? And if you haven’t played Minecraft Dungeons yet, your gaming life is definitely missing out the good stuff.