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GoW Ragnarok Mine Puzzle Solution For Tyr Water Wheel

Here is how you can solve the Mine puzzle in GoW Ragnarok.

The Mine Puzzle is one of the areas in God of War Ragnarok that has many players looking for its solution. This portion of the game gives the players a good challenge to test their knowledge of how familiar they are with using their weapons in the environment. And this puzzle is tougher than most ones you have come across so far in the game. So in this guide check out how to solve the Mine Puzzle of Tyr Water Wheel in God of War Ragnarok.


How to Solve the Mine Puzzle in God of War Ragnarok

You have to solve the Mine Puzzle in this game by freezing and unfreezing the Water using your Leviathan Axe. Here is how each piece of the puzzle moves:

  1. Start by making Atreus shoot his arrow to break the ores and free the rope.how to solve the mine puzzle in god of war ragnarok
  2. Next, use the chain to tighten the rope.
  3. Use the rope to get to the other side.
  4. Now, turn back and go northeast and help Atreus climb across. Atreus will find another way and instruct Kratos what to do next.mine puzzle 2
  5. Here, make Atreus start the machine and drop ores in the water.god of war ragnarok mine puzzle solution
  6. Throw your axe at the water wheel in front of you.mine puzzle 4
  7. Now, go south to where the platform moved.
  8. Again, use your axe to freeze the water such that it pours in the waterwheel.mine puzzle solution for god of war ragnarok
  9. It will raise the Claw grip-like structure up, which you can grapple to jump onto the platform.
  10. Finally, aim at the ores in your north and make Atreus shoot at them to break them.mine puzzle 6
  11. This will resume the water flow for the waterwheel and the platform Kratos is on will start moving.
  12. Now, jump across to the door and that is how you solve the Tyr Mine puzzle.

I suggest you also check our video, if you are stuck on some part and need a little extra help with it.


That covers this guide on the Mine puzzle solution of Tyr Water Wheel in God of War Ragnarok. If you are looking for more walkthroughs for this game then I suggest you check out our God of War Ragnarok Wiki for it.