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Might & Magic Chess Royale From Ubisoft Looks To Take On Dota Underlords


Ubisoft wishes to jump into the auto chess genre with its own iteration of the game. Ubisoft’s game will be called Might & Magic: Chess Royale as it is based on Might & Magic. It is reported that Might & Magic: Chess Royale is going to be free which should bring a lot of players to the game.

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When compared to Dota Underlords, you will come up with a lot of similarities and the game looks pretty much a rip of from what Valve developed a while back, but Might & Magic has 10-minute matches that feel easy-breezy when compared to Dota Underlords.

The artwork though does not do justice to Might & Magic as a lot of the characters have been toned down with tons of bland visual degradation which might not appeal to those who have been fans of Might & Magic.

Tons of small instances make Might & Magic: Chess Royale feel like something you can spend hours in, as of right now it is still away from being released but the game looks like it can be developed into something a lot of players will appreciate.

Might & Magic: Chess Royale is scheduled to launch for PC, iOS and Android devices and will be releasing towards the end of January 2020.


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