Anthem Health Bug Causing Players To Die In One Shot

EA acknowledges the bugs but has not issued any fix

On Reddit, a user has reported an annoying health bug in Anthem game. This bug is causing player to die in one shot. The user reported an weird issue where the health bar keep on fluctuating between 2 bars, 3 bars and 4 bars. Technically it must stay on 10 bars if not attacked by anyone. This is causing the player to die in one shot affecting the fun of entire gameplay.

If it was just a single report then it would not have considered as a serious problem, but in the same reddit thread multiple users are talking about the problem. One of the user replied – It’s for sure not just a visual thing. Yesterday I was easily stomping through hard mode content and today I am barely able to stay alive. Just did a mission on hard and there were legit one shot moments in the play session.

Official confirmation is coming from EA side, they had acknowledged the bug on their forums, but had not deliver any kind of statement when they will be fixing the issue. The problem is also counted a visual bug, which probably means it is just some missing graphics, but if it is a cosmetic issue then it should not affect players at all cost.

A couple of days ago EA officially released Day One Patch, the logs does not has anything related to the health damage. Till yet the bug is only acknowledge but no fix is announced. Hope EA resolves this fast.

Source: Reddit / EA Forums

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