Microsoft Will Not Delay the Launch of the Xbox Series X

Artur Novichenko
2 Min Read

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer had an interview with Bloomberg in which he talked about yesterday’s announcement of plans for 2020, the launch of the Xbox Series X, and the impact of coronavirus on the work of internal studios.

Spencer began with global quarantine, which, he said, helped the company rethink its attitude to certain things. For example, the head of the Xbox is sure that players like it more when Microsoft employees talk about games in the home pants than at expensive presentations.

For the sake of the safety of the company’s employees, they were allowed to take the Xbox Series X dev kits to their home and continue to work from there. However, this does not apply to all kinds of activities. For example, the capture of movements in a simple apartment is simply impossible.

This means that not all scheduled games for the next-gen console can be completed on time, but Spencer reiterated that he will not postpone the launch of Xbox Series X because of several titles.

Spencer later returned to the coronavirus and shared his opinion that gamers will play fewer games in the autumn, which means sales will fall. The head of the Xbox has linked this to economic instability around the world. People will have to compromise and think about where to spend the money. However, the Xbox division must remain stable regardless of the situation and sales of the console. For Microsoft, games and services are more important now.