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Microsoft Introduces “Digital Direct”; Xbox Bundle Download Codes To Be Retired Soon

It seems that Microsoft is strongly betting on the digital market with various initiatives. One of the most recent is Digital Direct, a function thanks to which the Xbox digital download codes will be a thing of the past.

The details of this option for Xbox consoles were recently known thanks to the latest Xbox One X bundle of Cyberpunk 2077, a system that already includes Digital Direct. According to Microsoft, Digital Direct is an option to get content where popular download codes will no longer be required. If a player purchases a new console with extras, such as games, subscriptions, or exclusive content, everything will be automatically exchanged to their Microsoft account.

In this way, the digital content will be delivered directly to the console, so the bundles will no longer include any type of code to redeem manually. Digital Direct will make the process of obtaining extra content easier and faster. In the same way, it is implied that this initiative will prevent the reselling of download codes. If your new console includes extras, then Digital Direct will be activated during system setup.

There will be a screen where the attached games, subscriptions, or services will be shown. To redeem them, you only have to click on “Claim” and thus link it with a Microsoft account. It is important to mention that the extras will be attached only to the first account that claimed it.

It is important to note that this feature is not really new, as it was implemented in some regions with the launch of the Xbox All Access program. However, now Microsoft seems to implement it in a general way in its next console packages with extra content included.

Even if nothing is confirmed at the moment, it seems that Digital Direct is expected to be one of the features of Xbox Series X.