Microsoft’s Mobile Racer Forza Street Now Live On iOS and Android

Download the Free-To-Play Forza Street before the 5th of June to enjoy some sweet deals by Microsoft.

Countless come and go, but only a few manage to maintain the top rank in the world of mobile gaming, that’s how the racing genre works. From Doctor Driving to Asphalt 8 Airborne, we have experienced the best graphics as well as the best-controls in a mobile racer driving. Eventually, every game disappoints in one way or another. But what about a game that has its roots in console gaming? Let’s find out.

The Forza Line-Up

Enter Forza Street, and the expectations shoot up. After all, it is the predecessor of one of the most popular simulations racing exclusively for Xbox gaming. From the very first title in 2005, Turn 10 studios have put their best foot forward in shelling out only the best. Forza started off the Motorsport line-up, an exceptionally heavy-duty arcade. And eventually branched out into the Horizons series which was a little forgiving in its handling. The common feature of both the games was the intricate features of driving as well as the surroundings of the game, both series boasted massively detailed graphics which went on to be the trademark of this game.

Forza is now expanding its boundaries into mobile gaming with the introduction of Forza Street. The game is live now on iOS and Android. Read along to find out the latest news about the game.

Forza Street: A True Successor?!

Forza Street is a spin-off of the original Forza Horizon 4, and in every way encompasses the true spirit of “realistic graphic” gaming. It is an evolving experience that brings the console gaming to your mobile devices.

Set in the streets of Miami, you race against a bunch of high ranking drivers, collecting and customizing your cars and participating in timed events. Unlike other Forza games, Forza Street focuses massively on piling up your garage with the most unique cars out there.
This leads to fairly simple gameplay and straightforward “one-touch” controls. You no longer have to make the turns or shift the gears, just a long press for accelerating and taking off your finger from the screen toggles the breaks.

Microsoft, being the creme de la creme creator of mobile games, has left no stones unturned in giving gamers the best possible offers to attract more crowd.

  • All new players who log in now until the 5th of June, unlock the Ford Grand Turismo.
  • All Samsung users unlock the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 or the 2015 Ford Mustang along with a custom theme skins for their cars.
  • Extra in-game credits to all new Android and iOS users.

You can link your game to your Xbox Live on all mobile devices (Android and iOS) as well as Windows 10 on PC, this enables you to earn some extra tokens and saves your achievements whenever you play.
The best part of it, Forza Street is absolutely free to download on the app store and play store with some in-app purchases. If you download the game before the 5th of June, you can enjoy some sweet deals by Microsoft.