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Microsoft To Announce A Major New Acquisition Soon – Rumor

While the gaming industry around the world is now only trying to recover from the sensational acquisition of Bethesda and ZeniMax Studios by Microsoft, a new rumor appears to be ready to once again shake the foundations of the global video game industry. And, as the protagonist, we find the Redmond company again.

After investing over 7.5 billion dollars to buy the software house famous above all for creating franchises such as The Elder Scrolls, DOOM, and Fall Out, the company founded by Bill Gates seems to be ready to announce soon the arrival of a new, important player within his team.

To reveal it is an indiscretion communicated by the insider Shpeshal_Ed, during a podcast he conducted and held with the famous blogger of The Verge Tom Warren. The latter, in the midst of a discussion regarding the acquisition of Bethesda, said he believes that Microsoft, sooner or later, will announce a new acquisition, admitting, however, that it is only a simple guess.

To these words, Shpeshal_Ed replied declaring that, based on what he was told by some sources very close to Microsoft, the company would seem to be ready to conclude a new heavy purchase soon. In fact, according to the podcast host, the announcement may have been specifically chosen last as “save the best for last” before the official launch of Xbox Series X.

However, it would seem very difficult to believe that the Redmond company is ready to communicate the purchase of a company as important as Bethesda or of equal value, to be included within the Xbox Game Studios ecosystem, now more than ever rich in software houses of the highest level.

No other information has been provided regarding the reliability of the source or the company that Microsoft seems to be willing to acquire, so the only thing that can be done, at present, is to wait for further developments in the coming weeks, dealing with this news as a mere indiscretion.