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MHR Sunbreak Weapon Tier List 2023

Here are all the best weapons you can get in our Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Sunbreak Weapon Tier List.

Our updated Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Sunbreak Weapon Tier List will help you find all the best weapons you can use in this new DLC. Even though we have covered a tier list for the base game, the new DLC and all the update changes along the way game have added much more now. The newly enhanced gameplay, agile battle mechanism upgrades, and interesting new monsters have made us look at the weapons from a different perspective. There are some weapon changes you might have not noticed if you are coming back to the game after a long time. So to find out the greatest weapons among them all, here’s our new updated tier list with the DLC in mind.


Best Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Sunbreak Weapon Tier List

Best MHR Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapon Tier List

This tier list is based on the weapons’ playstyles after you are fully familiar with their skill sets. These are our opinions. So some weapons that were making us struggle to reach the end of a monster battle now become very efficient in taking them down according to our gameplay. with that said, here are our picks for the best MHR weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapon Tier List:

Tiers MHR Sunbreak Weapons
S+ Tier Great Sword
S Tier Long Sword
S Tier Switch Axe
S Tier Insect Glaive
S Tier Bow
S Tier Light Bowgun
A+ Tier Dual Blades
A+ Tier Heavy Bowgun
A Tier Charge Blade
A Tier Sword & Shield
B+ Tier Hammer
B Tier Hunting Horn
B Tier Gunlance
B- Tier Lance

Let’s look at these weapons’ abilities in a bit more detail below with help of in-game descriptions of Switch Skills & Silkbinds. Also, keep in mind right now we have 14 unique weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak:

  • Great Sword
  • Long Sword
  • Switch Axe
  • Insect Glaive
  • Bow
  • Light Bowgun
  • Dual Blades
  • Heavy Bowgun
  • Charge Blade
  • Sword & Shield
  • Hammer
  • Hunting Horn
  • Gunlance
  • Lance

Great Sword (S+ Tier)

Great Sword Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapon Tier List


This massive blade cleaves in a wide arc with terrifying might, and can even be used to guard in a pinch. The power of a full Charged Slash is overwhelming.

Switch Skills: Surge Slash Combo

  • An offensive style that combines speed with the weight of the weapon to unleash a stream of powerful slashes.
  • Proper footwork is required but allows for a large number of combos.

Silkbind: Strongarm Stance

  • A technique that uses Ironsilk to reinforce both your arms and weapon temporarily to fend off attacks.
  • If used while charging, you can quickly parry an attack and then unleash a fierce onslaught afterwards.

Long Sword (S Tier)

Long Sword Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapon Tier List


A sharp weapon that charges up the Spirit Gauge as you cut into your prey, and can unleash powerful Spirit Blade attacks. Also allows for technical dodge and counterattack combat.

Switch Skills: Sacred Sheathe Combo

  • A slow methodical movement that can be executed following an attack.
  • Upon sheathing your weapon, you can harness the increased spirit to unleash a follow-up slash.
  • The power of the slash increases according to the level of the Spirit Gauge.
  • If you are attacked before you have finished with the sheathe, it will consume one level of Spirit Gauge and the move will be cancelled.

Silkbind: Harvest Moon

  • A move that casts out an Ironsilk ring that narrows your range of attack, but boosts spirit so you can go on the offensive.
  • Within the ring, your Spirit Gauge won’t deplete, and if you perform any counterattacks, it will add additional hits.

Switch Axe (S Tier)

Switch Axe Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapon Tier List

Switches between Axe Mode, for fluid mobility and hefty single hits, and Sword Mode, for quicker strikes. Phial effects activated by the sword persist in axe form.

Switch Skills: 2-Staged Morph Slash Combo

  • A two-staged Morph Slash attack that follows an Axe: Wild Swing.
    • 1st Stage: Morphs into Sword Mode.
    • 2nd Stage: Morphs into Axe Mode.
  • During this combo, the power of Sword Mode attacks increases and Axe Mode attacks fill the Switch Gauge faster.

Silkbind: Elemental Burst Counter

  • Compresses Switch Gauge energy, that can be released as an Elemental Burst.
  • If the burst is released right as a monster attacks, you’ll perform a Power Finisher and your switch axe will go into an Amped State.

Insect Glaive (S Tier)

Insect Glaive Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapon Tier List

Command insects called Kinsects to absorb essence from your prey and buff yourself. Vault into the air, kick your foes, and attack from all angles while airborne.

Switch Skills: Kinsect Slash

  • A mid-air technique where you thrust forward with your glaive and Kinsect.
  • If the slash connects, you’ll perform a Vaulting Dance, absorbing extract.
  • However, once you’ve absorbed red extract with Kinsect Slash, you won’t be able to absorb any other extract with it, but you’ll be able to perform an Enhanced Insect Spiker as a trade-off.

Silkbind: Awakened Kinsect Attack

  • A technique where you hurl a Kinsect to inflict massive damage.
  • All extracts are consumed and the more extract you have, the more potent this attack will be.
  • After launching the Kinsect, you’ll close in using a Wirebug; simultaneously absorbing extract, marking the target, and then chaining into a Vaulting Dance.

Bow (S Tier)


A weapon built for ranged attacks. Affords high mobility. Fires Arc Shots to cover for allies or Power Shots that hit hard. Coatings can be applied to inflict status effects.

Switch Skills: Stake Thrust

  • An attack that thrusts an explosive stake into your target.
  • The stake reacts to follow-up attacks, dealing extra damage to the target. The amount of extra damage dealt is determined by the type of arrow loosed.

Silkbind: Butcher’s Bind

  • Fires an arrow loaded with Ironsilk.
  • If the follow-up arrow lands in the same spot as the first, Ironsilk winds around both arrows, inflicting severe damage.
  • If the second arrow is off-target, the lodged arrow disappears.

Light Bowgun (S Tier)

Light Bowgun

A weapon that excels in long-range combat. Fulfils a variety of roles, from rapid-fire barraging to inflicting status ailments based on the type of ammo used.

Switch Skills: Critical Firepower

  • A special shooting style that further raises damage output but narrows critical distance and increases recoil.
  • Because the distance at which the power of ammo is most effective has been reduced, you will need to be aware and adjust your firing position.
  • Keep in mind that this does not apply to certain ammo types.

Silkbind: Wyvern Counter

  • An urgent retreat that fires a shot with massive recoil, using a Wirebug to stop.
  • While not a powerful attack, its true value comes when it’s used to evade incoming attacks.
  • If timed right, you’ll retreat with an explosive exit that can even neutralize breath attacks.

Dual Blades (A+ Tier)

Dual Blades

Blades that deliver an onslaught of slices in rapid succession. Activate Demon Mode to dance deadly rings around your foes in exchange for stamina.

Switch Skills: Slide Slash Combo

  • Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
  • This technique allows you to attack while evading, and if you work it into your combos, you can unleash a relentless attack that’s difficult to defend against.

Silkbind: Spiral Slash

  • A Silkbind attack that launches you spiralling forwards.
  • Once your attack connects, your body acts as a drill as your blades bore into your target’s flesh.
  • Keep in mind, that you can also perform a Spiral Slash midair.

Heavy Bowgun (A+ Tier)

Heavy Bowgun

A powerful ranged weapon as heavy on firepower as it is in the hand. Can be loaded with Wyvernheart or Wyvernsnipe ammo depending on the situation.

Switch Skills: Crouching Shot

  • A style of shooting that utilizes a special stance to reduce recoil.
  • In exchange for not being able to move, you’re able to fire in rapid succession.
  • The longer you fire, the shorter the firing interval becomes, but at the risk of overheating your bowgun.
  • If your bowgun overheats, it can’t be fired until it has cooled down.
  • Keep in mind that certain ammo types cannot be used for this.

Silkbind: Setting Sun

  • A Silkbind technique in which a Wirebug generates a ring of Ironsilk.
  • Special powder accumulates within the ring, and when ammo passes through it, the velocity of the ammo is decreased.
  • Firing piercing ammo/multi-hit ammo through the ring will boost the total number of hits upon impact.

Charge Blade (A Tier)

Charge Blade

A weapon that is both sword and axe. Charge it up in sword mode, then combine sword and shield into an axe and unleash the energy as a devastating attack.

Switch Skills: Phial | Follow-up: Firing Pin

  • A mechanism that lowers the pressure of elemental energy generated through Shield Thrust during Elemental Boost, or by sword attacks while in Sword Boost Mode.
  • The elemental energy generated builds up on your target but disappears over time.
  • It can be detonated by any attack in Axe Mode and extending the time limit of the Elemental Boost.

Silkbind: Ready Stance

  • A Silkbind manoeuvre that binds sword and axe together with Ironsilk.
  • After guarding, a heavy knockback leaves you in Sword Mode and lowers your guard reaction so you’re able to chain sword/axe attacks.

Sword & Shield (A Tier)

Sword & Shield

A blade that allows you to attack quickly and up close while evading most incoming blows. Comes with a shield that can guard and bludgeon too.

Switch Skills: Twin Blade Combo

  • A two-part attack that opens with a circular slash and follows up with a blade thrust.
  • An easy attack to get multiple hits in with, so ideal for weapons with high elemental and status properties.

Silkbind: Destroyer Oil

  • Uses a Wirebug to cover your blade with a special ointment whose effects trigger if ignited by friction with your shield.
  • While active, monsters flinch more easily, creating more openings for attack.

Hammer (B+ Tier)


A blunt force weapon that hits hard yet doesn’t hamper mobility. A smack to the head may stun enemies. Has powerful charge attacks and a variety of maneuvers.

Switch Skills: Spinning Bludgeon Charge

  • A technique that stores released power and funnels it into the next Charge Switch attack. Power is built up when performing a Spinning Bludgeon. The charge level is then maintained when executing a Charge Switch.
  • Make good use of this to unleash a series of level 3 charged attacks.

Silkbind: Impact Burst

  • A Silkbind attack that wraps your weapon in Ironsilk.
  • For a short period of time, any charged attack performed causes the silk to vibrate, creating a shockwave that makes it easier to flinch monsters.

Hunting Horn (B Tier)

Hunting Horn

A blunt weapon that allows you to buff your hunting party by performing melodies. Gather notes of a single color for a steady boost or combine 3 to gain all effects.

Switch Skills: Swing Combo

  • A two-hit attack that can be delivered from either the left or right.
  • This allows you to quickly shift directions, making it useful for repositioning.

Silkbind: Silkbind Shockwave

  • A Silkbind attack that wraps your weapon in Ironsilk. For a short period of time, any attack performed causes the silk to vibrate, creating a time-delayed shockwave that triggers additional hits.
  • These additional hits do major stun, exhaust, and part damage.

Gunlance (B Tier)


A sturdy lance affixed with a cannon. Pressure your prey with a bevy of bombardments, then land a super-powerful hit at just the right time.

Switch Skills: Erupting Cannon

  • This technique involves firing an exploding stake into your target.
  • When using the Eruption Cannon, the tip of the gunlance heats up and slashing attacks are enhanced for a certain period of time.

Silkbind: Bullet Barrage

  • Uses a Wirebug to Blast Dash toward your target, unleashing everything with abandon.
  • Be careful: Shells, Wyrmstake Cannon, and Wyvern’s Fire will automatically be reloaded first before performing the attack.

Lance (B- Tier)


A highly defensive weapon whose sturdy shield can withstand fierce attacks while preserving mobility when guarding. Great for counterattacks and sharp combos.

Switch Skills: Shield Tackle

  • A technique where you charge forward with your shield raised. You can also follow up with a variety of thrusting attacks.
  • Watch for an opening and then unleash an unrelenting series of attacks.

Silkbind: Skyward Thrust

  • A technique where a Wirebug launches you high into the air.
  • Thrust your lance towards the heavens and then pierce the earth.
  • The falling portion of the attack inflicts multiple hits.

That’s all for the best weapons you can get in our Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Sunbreak Weapon Tier List. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Tier Lists and also our  MHR Sunbreak Guides for more tips & tricks in the game.