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Metro Exodus Sam’s Story Multiple Endings – How To Get Good or Bad Ending

Will Sam reach home?

Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC has two endings, and here is how you can get it. Spoiler Alert – If you had not completed the game yet, avoid reading further. Once you reach the climax of Metro Exodus Sam’s Story there will be a multiple-choice question. Sam can choose either one of them to reach the ending. One is a good ending where Sam is able to fulfill his dream of reaching home and one is bad where he is stuck. So here is how you can get multiple endings in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC.

How to get Metro Exodus Sam’s Story Good Ending?

At the end of Metro Exodus Sam’s Story when Sam has the trigger to explode the submarine, you have two options. First either to press the trigger and second not to. If you choose not to press the trigger this will lead to somewhat a good ending. Sam is already injured, and if you pick not to explode the submarine, he will be picked by Tom.

Metro Exodus Sams Story Multiple Ending Guide

Tom will offer Sam a helping hand and drop him to his destination where he dreams of meeting his father. But will have an impact on the future? Has Sam here failed to stop an upcoming nuclear war?

How to get Metro Exodus Sam’s Story Bad Ending?

For bad ending press the trigger in the end. The submarine will explode after reaching a distance and Sam is left behind. He does not die, but he is stuck in the deal cold dreaming of reaching his home to see his father. In this ending, Sam might have stopped a nuclear war, but he also loses the chance of reaching home. Still, in the last cutscene, Sam is found to be sitting near the broken bridge. This means he reached home but it might be too late or he is dreaming.

Metro Exodus Sams Story Multiple Ending Guide

So which one will you pick, are you ready to pay any cost to reach home?

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