Metro Exodus Console Commands And Cheat Codes

All the Metro Exodus Console Commands that you can use and redeem to unlock and get various configuration settings and armor unlocks.

Metro Exodus has some Console Commands that you can use to redeem and unlock items in the game. You can unlock the God Mode as well as get infinite ammo and health in the game. This will make it pretty easy to play and complete Metro Exodus. So, scroll down below to learn more about these console commands.

Metro Exodus Console Commands

Metro Exodus Console Commands

  • new_game_plus_allowed: Use the code to unlock game plus on the main menu
  • ngp_armored_mode: Use the code to unlock +1 armor level to all human NPCs
  • ngp_backpack_limit: You will only be able to craft using the workbench
  • ngp_bad_weathert: Make weather effects such as Fog, Sand Storn, Rain & snow are more frequent
  • ngp_dev_comments: Use the code to allow Green tape players to play developer commentary
  • ngp_grenadier_mode: Use the code to unlock more grenades for human NPCs
  • ngp_iron_mode: Use the code to unlock save between levels
  • ngp_radiation_mode: Use the code to unlock additional radiation areas
  • ngp_realtime_weather: Using this code unlocks changes to the day cycle from 2 to 24 hours
  • ngp_tough_creatures: Use the code to unlock + armor (thick hide) for creatures

Map Console Commands

  • m3\000: Main Menu
  • m3\01_dead_moscow: Moscow Map
  • m3\05_winter: Winter Map
  • m3\06_bridge: The Volga Map
  • m3\06_spring: Spring Map
  • m3\07_yamantau: Yamantau Map
  • m3\08_desert: The Caspian Map
  • m3\08_summer: Summer Map
  • m3\12_valley: The Taiga Map
  • m3\12_autumn: Autumn Map
  • m3\13_deadcity: The Dead City Map
  • m3\14_outro: Finale Map
  • m3\dlc_1_deadcity: The Two Colonels Map
  • m3\dlc_2_vladivostok: Sam’s Story Map

Configuration Console Commands

  • change_map: Use this code to go to any map
  • change_map_cl: Use this code to go to the previous one
  • change_map_nl: Use this code to get a list of the available maps
  • disconnect: Use this code to disconnect from the server
  • enable_backpack_craft: Use this code to enable backpack crafting ability
  • enable_costumes_craft: Use this code to change costumes upgrades in the workbench
  • g_autopickup: Auto collects all the loot
  • g_disable_hud_scale_coll: To set weapon scale
  • g_game_difficulty: Use this code to change the difficulty
  • g_god: Use this code to change to Deathless or god mode
  • g_global_god: Use this code to go to the previous command, but for everyone
  • g_notarget: Use this code so that NPCs can’t target the player
  • g_player_speed_scale: Scales up player speed
  • g_ranger_hud_alpha: Only works on in-game difficulty 3 (Ranger)
  • g_survival_mode: Use this code to unlock survival mode
  • g_unlimitedammo: Use this code to get unlimited ammo and medkits
  • gameload: Use this code to load the game.
  • gamesave: Use this code to save the game.
  • hud_scale_force_xy: Set previous comment to 3 and set the position
  • hud_scale_type: Use this code to change weapon position (value 0 to 5)
  • joy_sens_y_scale: Use this code to change the Pitch sensitivity scale
  • map: Use this code to load any map, but first use the previous command
  • nextlevel: Use this code to skip the current mission
  • ngp_sneaky_combat: Use this code to enable sneaky combat more
  • r_base_fov: Use this code to set field of view
  • r_bloom_prefiltered: Try value “0”
  • r_exposure_bloom: Try value “-1”
  • r_exposure_control: Use this code to set gamma (Directx 12)
  • r_gamma: Use this code to set gamma (Directx 11)
  • ranger_mode_game: Use this code to start ranger mode
  • restart: Use this code to restart a map
  • return_to_main_menu: Use this code to return to main menu
  • pause: Use this code to pause game
  • weapon_count: Values 1 to 3

Metro Exodus Graphics Console Commands

  • ph_dbg_render_range: Default = 150, but try =20
  • ph_movables_range: Default = 96, but try =20
  • r_adaptive_ssa: Default = 1, but try =0
  • r_dof_tile_max: Default = 1, but try =0
  • r_enum_ssaa: Default = 10, but try =5
  • r_foliage_scale_clr_mp: Default = 1.2, but try =0.5
  • r_foliage_scale_ao_mp: Default = 1.1, but try =0.5
  • r_foliage_scale_range: Default = 1.25, but try =0.5
  • r_lod_shadow_quality: Default = 1, but try =0.5

This is everything you need to know about the Metro Exodus Console Commands. Here at Gamer Tweak, we have covered a lot of cheat codes, so have a look at our Console Commands section in the interlinked article to look for your favorite characters.