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Metro 2033 Available for Free on Steam

The original Metro 2033, the post-apocalyptic horror shooter set in Moscow, developed by 4A Games, is currently available absolutely free on the Steam digital platform.

Metro 2033 Available for Free Download on Steam


The game will remain free for only a few days, precisely until March 15th of this year. We must also specify that important discounts are also available on the entire Metro franchise such as the Metro Redux version of the game discounted by 80%, Metro Last Light at 80%, and the bundle with all the games of the series at a 66% discount. Here is the link to download the game.

We would like to specify again, as you have probably already guessed, that we are talking about the original Metro 2033, released in 2010 and not the most recent remastered version (Metro Redux) which is however on offer on the Steam store.

The famous game, inspired by the events of the homonymous book by Dmitry Glukhovsky, we do not believe needs great presentations, being one of the most important post-apocalyptic-themed shooters of recent years; a title that kicked off the series of which Metro Exodus is the worthy conclusion.


The environment of the Russian metro outlined by 4A Games and Deep Silver is in fact that of a Moscow destroyed by the nuclear apocalypse, and which represents in a raw and violent way the nature of humanity by now the specter of itself in a continuous struggle for survival, holed up like rats inside a death trap that is the same house that defends them but at the same time imprisons them, as in an underground hell, that is to say, the Metro line.

The original 2033 therefore, despite the years on its shoulders, still has a lot to show, and if you have never put your hand to the series this can be an opportunity to experience the Russian nuclear apocalypse first hand.