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Reconciled Stars Guide: Meteorite Shard Locations in Genshin Impact

Here’s A ‘Genshin Impact’ Meteorite Shard Location Map For The Unreconciled Stars Event.

The Unreconciled Stars Event is currently live in Genshin Impact and travellers can earn a lot of rewards for taking part in it. There are two types of currencies that you can earn during the event — Fading Star’s Might and Fading Star’s Essence.

The event will be live for the next 14 days and there are different tasks that must be unlocked at a particular period, so it would be better to complete them as soon as possible to maximize your rewards. For day one, you will have to collect some Meteorite Shards in three locations. If you are struggling to find all the Meteorite Shard locations in Genshin Impact then we have got you covered.


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There is a trick in the Unreconciled Stars Event that only a few people are of yet. When you get close enough to Meteorite Shard, your character’s vision will star glowing. There are multiple characters such as Traveler, which don’t have this ability but it can be seen in others like Fischi.

Meteorite Shard Locations in Genshin Impact: Reconciled Stars Guide


There are seven shards in Guyun Stone Forest, Starfell Lake, and Qingce Village that players should collect. In this guide, we have highlighted most of the shard locations. We might not have covered all of the shard locations but there are enough for you to collect and get full credit for the event. To make your work easier, make sure to mark your map with a star before heading to the area so you can easily reach there.

Starfell Lake

Meteorite Shard Locations in Genshin Impact


We have discovered 22 Meteorite Shards in Starfell Lake, which is highlighted as the star symbols on the map above. Start at the northern Statue of the Seven, collect the northernmost Shard and work your way west and then down.

Guyun Stone Forest

Meteorite Shard Locations in Genshin Impact

You will find around 20 Meteorite Shards at Guyun Stone Forest. You will have to begin by teleporting to the northern waypoint, heading wet, and making your east and then down from there.


Qingce Village

Meteorite Shard Locations in Genshin Impact

You will find around twenty Meteorite Shards at Qingce Village as well. Start north near the farmlands, and then work your way west and down across the bridge, following the road.

Once you have gathered these Meteorite Shards, open up your Events Overview tab. Go into Unreconciled Stars and tap Event Details. Go into Unknown Star and collect your rewards for the particular day!

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