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Affordable and Stunning Mercury Premium Series of Chassis are Now Available in India

These premium series of chassis are designed for higher performance at affordable prices.

Kobian, a brand known for introducing innovative and easy-to-use products, today announced its latest entry of the Premium series of chassis Giga, Hexa, Penta, and Mega in India. The chassis provides high availability, high density and high performance, combined with the lowest power consumption in its category. It is designed to prove the fact that high performance does not always mean a high price tag.

The Premium Series Giga, Hexa, Penta, and Mega include many of the features that make Mercury chassis popular with enthusiasts and casual gamers. Well-mannered cable-routing and black painting interior make the chassis extremely gallant and trendy. It is exceptionally easy to use and specially designed for mainstream users, gamers, modders and enthusiasts alike. The chassis offers a variety of customization at its price point. The premium series of chassis is ideal for PC builders looking for great value for money.

Ms. Sushmita Das, Country Manager – India, Kobian Pte Ltd. said, “We are excited for the launch of our new Premium Series of Chassis. We at Kobian always strive for best and keep adding improvements to meet the market demands. The Premium Series of Chassis are great value case that breaks the mold by offering intelligent features, great cooling expandability, elegant looks, and are extremely easy to build. All new cases are perfect options for people looking to create modern, simple, and beautiful builds without burning their pockets”.

GIGA, PENTA and MEGA chassis measures 340mm x 173mm x 410mm (H x W x H) respectively and powered by two 1.0 USB ports and an audio port. It also comes with one 8cm cooling fan in the back. Whereas HEXA comes with two 1.0 & 3.1USB ports and also has the potential for even stronger cooling, thanks to a spacious interior that can support 15 LED red cooling fans which makes it cooler.

Price, Availability, and Warranty

All 4 cases are available through the Kobian network of authorized distributors and dealers carrying a warranty of 1 year.

For up-to-date pricing of the all the Premium Series of cases, please refer to the Mercury website or contact your local Mercury sales or PR representative.