Mercury KI 250PPS PSU Review

Budget PSU With Surge Protection

Budget PSU units are many in the market, some come at a dirt-cheap cost that can sound awesome to you, but to some extent, a lot relies on the quality of PSU you use in your system. Especially when you are building an entry-level machine for accounting, office or home usage. I had seen a very common 250watt PSU comes by default attached to low-priced CPU Cabinets are of low quality causing hardware issues in the long term.

I got a chance to have hands-on Mercury KI 250Watt TruePower PSU, priced Rs.1,000 while some dealers are even selling it for Rs.840, the PSU stands quiet well in our test for an entry-level system for small home and office usage. Standard models in the market cost between Rs.400 to Rs.1000 with regular features, while Mercury KI 250PPS adds some additional features like built-in industrial-grade protection. This is necessary where power supply fluctuates and cause permanent damage to PC hardware. Let’s have a look at the unit in more detail.


Mercury 250watt PSU Review

Mercury KI 250PPS is a standard size PSU that fits well in regular cabinets, in the box you will get a separate power cable. There are 3x SATA Ports, 1x 4Pin CPU Power Connector, 20+4 Motherboard Connector & 2x Molex connector. The connectivity ports are enough for a basic system with two hard drives and one CD Rom. If you are having any additional requirements, then please check the higher version of PSU models.

Mercury 250watt PSU Review

Sealed in good quality box, there is a single power connector on the backside an huge 80mm quiet fan to draw out the heat out. I found the quality good, in terms of usage you can read more under the performance section.


I recommend Mercury KI 250PPS PSU because of its industrial-grade protection. Because of this surge protection benefit the PSU can save your PC hardware for unnecessary damages coming from electrical fluctuations. In many places voltage is not stable, the best way to protect your system is using a UPS, but if that does not fit in your budge then buying a power supply with surge protection is very important. Due to its strong PCB, it can prevent PC hardware damage due to short circuit, power overloads and overvoltage. Above all Mercury KI 250PPS comes with 3 Years warranty, so there is nothing much to worry.

Mercury 250watt PSU Review

However, you can expect much from a 250watt PSU, due to lack of power connectors a standard hardware setup is ideal to expect. We had an accounting system that runs on Core i3, 4GB Ram and a 1TB Hard Drive, there is no DVD drive in it. Our test of multiple days could sound little, but we are satisfied with the output compared to basic unbranded 250watt PSU we were using. Also, it does not make much noise even after having an 80mm cooling fan.

Mercury 250watt PSU Review


Mercury KI 250PPS is sold on MRP or Rs.1000, but also available at a lower price among different dealers. The PSU unit is of great choice under ultra-budget setup requirements, for Home or small office usage. Especially shops, accounting firms, hotels, schools, classes, government organizations, NGO’s, etc, where there is no big demand for processing power. Having a highly secure PSU unit that can stand against power fluctuations, short circuits, over-voltage, can safe-guard your systems in the long run. Especially when you have multiple PCs at one place. 3 Year warranty again add more to the quality of Mercury KI 250PPS, where a standard CPU comes only with 1 Year warranty, you have three full years of service.