Dead By Daylight Merciless Storm Generators Bug – Can You Fix It?

Shreyansh Shah
3 Min Read

Are you wondering if you can fix the Dead by Daylight aka DBD Merciless Storm generators bug? Then this guide has all you will need. One of the peculiar bugs since the update, the generators will fail every time you reach the end of a skill check. This can be very annoying as you look to progress further in the game. But is there a way to solve this error and progress further after completing all skill checks? Well, we will explain it all below so we recommend you keep reading.

Can you Fix DBD Merciless Storm Generators Bug?

Dead By Daylight Merciless Storm Generators Bug
Image Source: DStrike (YouTube)

Unfortunately, there is no fix as of now for the DBD Merciless Storm generators bug. While Merciless Storm is already difficult, the bug has made things even worse. To complete the generators, players need to input the correct skill check every time and if they miss one, the generator explodes. This alerts the killer of the presence of the players and the generator is blocked for a few seconds depending on the perk tier selected by the player.

As you use the skill check and the generator hits 90% progression, the bug kicks in and resets all your progress. Hence, players are stuck at it and there is no doubt that they need a fix. However, since there is no fix to this Merciless Storm generators bug, you will have to be patient and let the Dead by Daylight developers resolve it.

While it is natural for players to be frustrated, there is nothing you can do about it. So in the meanwhile, there are other things that players can do while in the game.


You can try a set of troubleshooting tips but you are likely to lose your progress for the perk. The best thing for you to do is contact DBD Support.

That’s all there is from this guide on if you can fix the DBD Merciless Storm generators bug. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Dead by Daylight guides right here at Gamer Tweak.

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