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How to find Memory Shard 1.1 in Hyper Scape

Memory Shard 1.1 can take your time if you are unable to find where to search for them. I am going to share a valuable tip that can help you to complete the Hyper Scape Week 1 Challenge.

Finding Memory Shards 1.1 is one of the requirements of the Hyper Scape Week 1 challenge. The free to play game unlocks Season 1 with a lot of amazing rewards locked by the level system. Here in this article I am going to help you to find Memory Shards 1.1 in Hyper Scape.

Tips to find Memory Shard in Hyper Scape

Memory Shard starts dropping in Tora Garden’s point. Located on the south-east of Red Tiger and north-west of Throne Hall, Tora Graden is easy to locate to spot. You have to plan your jump to land on it or to the nearest possible place.

Tora Garden is in the center of Hyper Scape map, after landing their successfully follow the steps to find Memory Shard 1.1.

  1. Look for a massive monument after landing on the ground.
  2. The place is marked as “G” in Tora Garden. Do not land anywhere else, you can spot it from the sky.
  3. You have to make sure the zone is not disappearing or else you will be lost the loot.

After finding Memory Shard 1.1 interact with F on PC and Y or Triangle on the console to grab the item. Collect the memory shard and you have completed one of the missions of weekly challenges. You can exit to the main menu if you are only playing to collect this item.

A lot of weekly challenges include beating down other players or causing damage. You can continue to play until the round ends to complete more Hyper Scape weekly challenges. Here is a list of all weekly challenges for reference.

  • Break barricades (75)
  • Deal damage with the Ripper (500)
  • Break supply crates (8)
  • Fuse items from Restore Points (35)
  • Outlive enemies in any game mode (300)
  • Reach the Showdown (5)
  • Deal damage with hacks (750)
  • Eliminate other enemies (50)

Some of the challenges are just about breaking things or dealing with damage. Clear up them fast, to complete these you will have to land near a safe spot.