Memento Mori Tier List & Reroll Guide

Here is the Tier List of best characters in Memento Mori & its Reroll guide.

MementoMori: AFKRPG has plenty of characters so many players are looking for its Tier List and a way to reroll them. Since the game has a lot of Witches to offer you some are supposedly going to be better than others. But the slight issue here is the process to reroll these characters can be a bit tedious. So in this guide let us take a look at the Memento Mori Tier List and how to reroll its characters.

Memento Mori Tier List

memento mori afkrpg tier list and reroll guide

Character Tier
Florence SS Tier
Cordy SS Tier
Frecia SS Tier
Fenrir SS Tier
Olivia SS Tier
Natasha SS Tier
Lean SS Tier
Amleth S Tier
Sabrina S Tier
Merlin S Tier
Amour S Tier
Meltille S Tier
Illya S Tier
Rosalie S Tier
Primavera A Tier
Moza A Tier
Hathor A Tier
Lunalynn A Tier
Soltina A Tier
Luke A Tier
Freesia A Tier
Soteira A Tier
Sonya A Tier
Loki A Tier
Shizu A Tier
Iris B Tier
Arianrhod B Tier
Rean B Tier
Monica B Tier
Valeriede B Tier
Merlyn B Tier
Cherna B Tier
Skuld B Tier
Charlotte B Tier
Belle B Tier
Carol B Tier
Theodora C Tier
Zara C Tier
Petra C Tier
Libra C Tier
Garmr C Tier
A.A D Tier
Nina D Tier
Mimi D Tier
Ivy D Tier
Tropon D Tier
Dian D Tier

Memento Mori Reroll Guide

memento mori reroll characters guide

You can reroll in Memento Mori by resetting your game data from the settings. This will only be available after you have completed the tutorial. Make sure you play without signing in. Here are the steps to reroll:

  1. Tap on the Home button on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Here, tap on the 3 horizontal lines button on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Now, choose Return to Title.
  4. Here, tap on Settings and choose Reset Game Data.
  5. The game will warn you about data not being able to be restored once reset. Tap the reset button to proceed ahead.

Now, you will have to play the tutorial again, until you get to invoke characters. You have to redo the whole process each time you plan to re-roll.

How to Pull characters in MementoMori

  1. Launch Memento Mori on your phone.
  2. When asked to sign in choose close. This will start your game with a guest account.
  3. Select a World to start your game in.
  4. Next, proceed to play the game and complete level 1-12.
  5. This will allow you to access the gacha tutorial.
  6. Tap on the Invoke button on the bottom right side of the screen.
  7. Next, tap on Wish List. The pull rates of the SR characters you put in your Wish List will be higher than the others.
  8. You can set up to 5 characters for every attribute. Set the characters that you wish to pull in them. You don’t have to fill them completely, you can even set just a single character for each section.
  9. Once you have selected all the characters go back and tap on the Invoke 10 button. It guarantees 1 SR.

After you get the characters, you can either reroll if you don’t like them or sign in and link your account to save your characters and progress.

That covers this MementoMori: AFKRPG Tier List and how to reroll its characters. I suggest you also check our Tier Lists to get help on better characters for other such games.