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The Medium Clock Puzzle Solution Guide: How to Unlock the Backroom?

Find out everything you need to know to easily solve the Clock Puzzle in The Medium by following this guide.

Among numerous puzzles, you will encounter while playing The Medium is the Clock puzzle. While many of these puzzles in the game are easy to solve, the Clock can be challenging if don’t follow the right path. You will come across this puzzle in the Niwa Hotel Manager’s office. Here, you will find a grandfather clock, which will allow your character to go back and forth in the timeline. Doing so is essential as it will let your character enter the backroom which is locked off initially. Hence, we are here with this The Medium Clock Puzzle solution guide to help you with the exact steps to get to the locked room.

The Medium Clock Puzzle Solution Guide

The Medium Clock Puzzle Solution

Once you are in the Niwa Hotel Manager’s office and have the clock, rewind the time completely. This will take you to the very beginning of everything. Now, interact with everything that you find in the office. Interacting will recharge the energy of everything. The next thing to do is store spiritual energy from the desk.

The Medium Clock Puzzle Solution

Once you have stored the energy, use the clock again to move forward in the time until the back door opens. Now, click on the “Out of body” to get into the spiritual form. Next, enter the backroom as a spirit. It’s now time to use the stored energy to power up the switch.

After powering up the switch, get back inside your body and interact with the bookshelves. While interacting with the shelves, use the insight option to see the switch. All that’s left to do is press the switch and make your way into the backroom to complete The Medium Clock puzzle solution.

That’s everything you need to know to solve The Medium Clock puzzle. While here, ensure reading our The Medium Globe puzzle solution (interlink with the above guide’s URL) guide. This guide will help you solve another challenging puzzle.