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Lost Ark Medeia Island Guide – Location, Event, Rewards, & More

Here is a Lost Ark guide on the Medeia Island & its POIs.

Lost Ark has a wide array of Islands. Most of which are your standard areas while some are event-based and only appear after certain Time intervals. When these event-based Islands spawn, players must rush to them immediately to get the resources from that Island. One such Island in the game is the Medeia Island. Upon completing the Quests here, you will receive amazing rewards like the Unidentified Stone of Flight, Unidentified Stone of Patience, Unidentified Stone of Starry Night, etc. In this guide, I will show you how to get to Medeia Island in Lost Ark.

Medeia Island Guide in Lost Ark


medeia island lost ark

As I have mentioned above, Medeia Island is a Calendar Event-based Island that spawns at regular intervals. The Medeia Island in Lost Ark spawns in the Southwest section of the sea from Shushire. It is directly West of Snowpang Island. So keep a regular check as you will not want to miss completing the Quests on the Island. Once the Island spawns, board it and wait there. In around 3 minutes, the PVP Quest, Medeia War, will begin on the Island. It is a Team Deathmatch style Quest where everybody on the Island will be split into two Teams. The Team with the most Points or the Team that reaches 1300 points wins.

For every Kill you get, you will earn 10 points. You will get 5 Points for every Assist. Another way of getting points is by shining mirrors on shrines. This is possible by taking a mirror and aiming at a shrine with the Q Skill. This will net you 12 points. There are Movement & Attack Buffs scattered across the Island. These Buffs will increase your movement speed by 40% for 8 seconds & attack power by 100% for 3 minutes respectively. Once the Quest is over and if your team won, you will get the Medeia’s Gift.


In the Medeia Gift, you will get rewards (based on chance) from its Loot table which includes the Medeia Island Token. If you did not get it the first time then you can do the event again when the Medeia Island respawns in Lost Ark. The Mokoko Seeds location is towards the south end of the Island.

This was all about the Medeia Island in Lost Ark. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Bloody Rod Farming Guide in Lost Ark.