FIFA 23: How To Do The McGeady Spin (Controls & Tips)

Here's a guide on how to do the McGeady Spin in FIFA 23.

EA Sports has launched the highly awaited FIFA 23 and it is a huge upgrade on its predecessors. FIFA manages to close the gap between in-game mechanics with real-world football. The use of HyperMotion 2 Gaming Technology has brought upgrades not just in the graphics but also in the AI motion and movement, the upgrades in attacking, skills, dribbling, and defending. And while FIFA is concerned, no player has left the opportunity to perform good skills and dribbles. This guide is on a skill known as the McGeady Spin and how to execute this in FIFA 23. Since you are here, you want to try out this amazing skill to get past opponents. So why don’t you check out this guide to see all the controls and tips to perform it?

How to Do the McGeady Spin in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 McGeady Spin Controls and Tips

FIFA seems incomplete without skill moves. While there are many spins and flicks that will help you in the game, the McGeady spin not only helps you get past the tackle it also helps with a swift direction change. Since it is a four-star skill move, you will need a player with the same amount of skill stars in his bag.

While the controls of McGeady Spin are the same for PS and Xbox users, timing it is the important element. To hit the McGeady Spin in FIFA 23, flick the right analog towards the side your player is facing and then flick it to left or right. The left or right depends on the side you want to spin to and move ahead with the ball.

For instance, if your player is facing the top of your screen, flick the analog up and then flick it to either side. McGeady Spin in FIFA 23 is the best way to avoid a sliding challenge by timing the spin to the other side. Also, McGeady Spin can help a swift counterattack by providing an easy and fast direction change.

That’s all there is on the McGeady Spin in FIFA 23. While you are here, make sure you check out our FIFA 23 guides for more content with Gamer Tweak.