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Rage 2 MBTV Walkthrough – Tips on Rewards, Mutant Bash Activities & Vendors

What you can get by playing MBTV?

Mutant Bash TV or MBTV will be unlocked after completing Blackout Mission where after meeting John Marshall you have to head out to play other missions. One of them is meeting Loosum Hagar where you will unlock Wellspring. Mutant Bash TV comes in between the way and anyhow you will have to play to get access to Winners Lounge in Wasteland Celebrity to meet Klegg Clayton. You can visit MBTV multiple time to unlock rewards and use them at the MBTV Gift shop. In this Rage 2 MBTV Walkthrough, you can learn everything about Mutant Bash TV.

Mutant Bash TV Tips And Tricks

Mutant Bash TV is located in the Broken Tract region, towards the northeast of the main mission Blackout. It is easy to spot when you are near you will see a question mark, you can also randomly visit this part without playing the main missions. It will save your time to return back to this place.

Rage 2 MBTV Tips

You can refer the above map screenshot to get a location of MBTV on the big map. After visiting you will meet a weird old lady Desdemona. She will tell you to sign a contract and this triggers the start of MBTV missions. There is a Gift Shop where you can find a Trader who sells goods, but he only accepts Mutant Bash TV Tokens. You can earn them in MBTV Arena. Following are the things you can buy from MBTV Gift Shop:

  1. 4x Pistol Rounds – 1 MBTV Token
  2. 4x Assault Rifle Ammo – 1 MBTV Token
  3. 2x Shotgun Shells – 1 MBTV Token
  4. Wingstick – 13 MBTV Token
  5. Grenade – 13 MBTV Token
  6. Health Infusion – 13 MBTV Token
  7. Weapon Core Mod – 500 MBTV Token
  8. Sanguine Shotgun – 2500 MBTV Token
  9. Carnage Rifle Skin – 2500 MBTV Token
  10. Massacre Pistol Skin – 2500 MBTV Token
  11. Breeze Whipper Wingstick – 2500 MBTV Token

To get tokens you can also sell Mutant Spore that falls a lot in the arena, because of tons of mutant you will kill. 1 Mutant Spore = 5 MBTV Token.

Mutant Bash TV Arena Tips and Rewards:

Once you enter the arena there will be a wave of four or higher onslaught you have to survive so best be ready with good weapons and full ammo. It is necessary to be prepared before you enter because there will be non-stop waves of enemies. An all rounded Assault Rifle is best among small enemies, also it helps you to move fast. This is the best place to use OverRide. Try to kill everything in the shortest time possible and this can be done if your weapon is strong enough. So upgrades are also necessary. There is always a boss in the end.

Rage 2 MBTV Tips

After surviving the waves its time to earn some rewards. They are based on Time Bonus, Kills, Headshots, Aggression, Combo Kills, and Accuracy. The more you earn under this the better amount of MBTV Tokens you can carry ahead. On average it is easy to earn around 1000 to 1500 with a good weapon. You can instant visit the Gift shop to cash out the tokens.