Zelda TotK ‘Mayachin’ Shrine Puzzle Solution Guide

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The Mayachin Shrine has quite an interesting puzzle for Link to solve. It will require players to craft a makeshift baseball bat and hit one bullseye target to unlock the exit door while the other target gets a hidden treasure chest. However, as entertaining as this shrine is, it can become quite overwhelming for players early on in the game. Though multiple ways exist to solve the puzzle, we will show you the fastest and most efficient one. Here is the  Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) Mayachin Shrine Puzzle solution.

How to Solve Zelda TotK Mayachin Shrine

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The Mayachin Shrine can be found just north of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower. Though it is quite straightforward to find on the Zelda TOTK interactive map, the puzzle is anything but easy. Don’t worry as we will give you a complete walkthrough to do it easily. So here’s how to do the TotK Mayachin Shrine puzzle in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom:

  1. As soon as you enter the Mayachin Shrine, you will see a rotating ramp in the middle of a huge gap. Use it to reach the other side of the platform.
  2. You will notice a huge arena wherein a giant ball rolls down the slope.
  3. You will also find a wooden stake, a switch, two poles, and a yellow crystal.
  4. Stand on the switch to reveal a bullseye target on the left-hand side of the arena.
  5. You aim to hit the ball at the target to solve the Mayachin Shrine Puzzle in Zelda TOTK.
  6. You will first need to use your Ultrahand to attach the wooden stake to the device in the middle of the arena.
  7. Then, please pick up the two poles and attach them to the end of the stake to make a baseball bat.
  8. Now, come back on the platform and hit the crystal as soon as the ball reaches close to the end of the arena.
  9. Doing this will swing your crafted bat toward the left. Keep practicing and timing your shots to direct the ball toward the bullseye target.
  10. Once the large ball hits the target, the exit to the shrine will automatically be unlocked. This will also solve the Mayachin Shrine puzzle.
  11. However, you must stay back and spend a few minutes trying to grab the chest, which can be found similarly.

Check out this video guide on our YouTube channel if you’re having difficulty solving the Mayachin Shrine in TOTK:

How to Get the Mayachin Shrine Chest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom


To get the Mayachin Shrine treasure chest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you will need to:

  1. Pick up another stake lying on the ground and head towards the right side of the arena. Here, you will see a hanging panel covering a bullseye target behind it.
  2. Use your Ultrahand ability to push the stake and the hanging panel onto the ceiling.
  3. Now, you must head back to the platform and hit the crystal at the right time to direct the ball toward your final target.
  4. Doing so will unlock the gate that contains a treasure chest. You will receive an “Energizing Elixir” upon opening the chest.

Now, you can head straight to the exit and interact with the Light of Blessing to claim your reward and complete the Mayachin Shrine.

That’s all you need to know about the solution for the Mayachin Shrine Puzzle in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. For more solution guides on other Shrine puzzles, head to our TotK section on Gamer Tweak.

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