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Max Mushroom Location In Pokemon Sword And Shield Isle of Armor DLC

Unlock Gigantamax form using Max mushrooms in Pokemon Sword and Shield. They are rare items and difficult to find, but here is our guide to help you.

Max mushrooms in Pokemon Sword and Shield help you unlock the Gigantamax forms of many of the Pokemon and luckily for you, these Max Mushrooms aren’t that difficult to find. If you are still having trouble you should our guide on how to get Max Mushrooms in Pokemon Sword and Shield in Isle of Armor DLC.

How To Get Max Mushroom In Pokemon Sword And Shield Isle of Armor DLC


Max Mushrooms aren’t something new, you probably know a lot about them by now. You will first get to see Max Mushrooms in the dojo trials that you undertake for Master Mustard.

If you are new to Pokemon Sword and Shield, you are tasked with Max Mushrooms in me by Master Mustard and bring it to him towards the Warm-Up Tunnel location north of the Isle of Armor map.

You can find these Max Mushrooms fairly easily and you won’t even have to look hard for them, once you bring these mushrooms back to Master Mustard he will teach you how to make Max Soup which is a key item to turn a few Dynamax compatible Pokemon into their Gigantimax form.


If you want to make more Max Soup, you will need to bring back, even more, Max Mushrooms to the dojo and you will be rewarded with the item which helps to make the Gigantamax forms of your Pokemon.

The best thing about this is the fact that you will easily find Max Mushrooms across the Isle of Armor without breaking a sweat in the Isle of Armor DLC. One of the best places to look for Max Mushrooms is to go to the Brawler’s Cave and Courageous Cavern.

Here you should be able to find an abundance of Max Mushrooms and this will help you transform a lot of your eligible Pokemon to their strongest version giving you an edge in battles. The Gigantamax versions of some Pokemon are breathtaking and they are impressive, so this is all that you have to know about how to get the Max Mushrooms in Pokemon Sword And Shield Isle of Armor DLC.


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