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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2: What Is The Max Level Cap?

Here is the maximum level cap that you can hit in CoD MW2.

Many Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 players are wondering what the max level cap is. This is a good concern because the previous games had a prestige system. Not to mention there are many things you can unlock on the way while you level up. Hence it is only natural to be curious about the point at which your level stops increasing. So in this guide check out what the max level cap is in CoD MW2.


What is the Max Level Cap in CoD MW2?

what is the max level cap in cod mw2

The maximum level cap that you can reach in this game at the time of writing this article is level 55. But don’t worry this isn’t going to be the final level cap. In fact, you only have to wait for a few more weeks until you can prestige your existing rank. Season 1 and the battle pass of the game will release on November 16th along with CoD Warzone 2. And with it your max level cap will also increase.

So while you wait for Season 1 to begin you can unlock all the weapons, attachments, equipment, perks, and more that the game has to offer.


But once season 1 starts and if you have already reached the Military Rank (MR) 55. Then you will get an option to reset your rank to MR 1 in exchange for ascending to get a prestige level. Thus each time you reach MR 55. You can increase your prestige level and go back to MR 1. It might sound easy when said like that but grinding 55 levels is sure to take some time. So you can rest assured about having a lot of levels to climb.

How to Increase your Level

Other than getting kills and playing matches these are the things that you should do to level up fast.

  • Daily Challenges: Complete these challenges every day for both multiplayer and Special Ops.
  • Career Challenges: Complete these challenges for both multiplayer and Special Ops.

That covers this guide on what the max level cap is in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. While you are leveling up be sure to check our guide on how to unlock all equipment to check which ones you already have and the ones you are yet to get. And for other topics for this game check out our MW2 Wiki.