Pokemon GO Master League Tier List (2023)

Here is the Tier List of the best Pokemon to use in Master League in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO players are looking for a Tier list for Master League. This is one of the 3 battle leagues in the game. But this one is much more serious due to it not having any cap on the maximum CP for your Pokemon. Thus you can expect your opponents to have many over-leveled legendaries. But worry not, in this Tier List you can check the ranking of all Pokemon that you should use in the Master League. Also check their type, best fast move, and best charge moves for them.

Pokemon Go Master League Tier List

pokemon go master league tier list

Tier Pokemon Type Best Fast Move Best Charge Move
S Tier Dragonite Dragon Dragon Breath Superpower
S Tier Giratina (Altered) Ghost/Dragon Shadow Claw Dragon Claw
S Tier Lugia Psychic/Flying Dragon Tail Sky Attack
S Tier Dialga Steel/Dragon Dragon Breath Iron Head
S Tier Zacian (Hero) Fairy Quick Attack Close Combat
A Tier Groudon Ground Mud Shot Fire Punch
A Tier Palkia Dragon Tail Dragon Tail Aqua Tail
A Tier Giratina (Origin) Ghost/Dragon Shadow Claw Shadow Ball
A Tier Melmetal Steel Thunder Shock Superpower
A Tier Yveltal Dark/Flying Snarl Focus Blast
A Tier Mewtwo Psychic Psycho Cut Shadow Ball
A Tier Meloetta Psychic/Normal Quick Attack Dazzling Gleam
A Tier Togekiss Fairy/Flying Charm Ancient Power
B Tier Ho-Oh Fire/Flying Incinerate Brave Bird
B Tier Kyogre Water Waterfall Blizzard
B Tier Gyarados Flying/Water Dragon Breath Aqua Tail
B Tier Landorus (Incarnate) Flying/Ground Mud Shot Rock Slide
B Tier Zekrom Electric/Dragon Dragon Breath Crunch
B Tier Reshiram Fire/Dragon Dragon Breath Crunch
B Tier Xerneas Fairy Tackle Moonblast
B Tier Landorus (Therian) Flying/Ground Mud Shot Stone Edge
B Tier Genesect Bug/Steel Fury Cutter Techno Blast
B Tier Florges Fairy Fairy Wind Disarming Voice
B Tier Zarude Dark/Grass Vine Whip Dark Pulse
C Tier Latios Psychic/Dragon Dragon Breath Dragon Claw
C Tier Metagross Steel/Psychic Bullet Punch Meteor Mash
C Tier Snorlax Normal Lick Body Slam
C Tier Swampert Water/Ground Mud Shot Hydro Cannon
C Tier Garchomp Ground/Dragon Mud Shot Outrage
C Tier Mamoswine Ice/Ground Powder Snow Avalanche

That covers this Tier List of the Best Pokemon to use in Master League in Pokemon GO. Don’t forget to check out our Dragon-type Tier list to learn about them as well. And for help on any similar topics be sure to check our Pokemon GO guides.

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