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Mass Effect Trilogy Could Release in March 2021, According To Amazon

While we are still waiting for the announcement of the Mass Effect Trilogy, an art book for the first three games in the series could indicate the possible release date of the title.

The Mass Effect Trilogy has not yet been announced. But speculations and clues have been intensifying for months. The most recent of these notices was discovered in Amazon’s product catalog. It could even include the possible release date of the game.


The launch of the Mass Effect Trilogy could, therefore, take place in March 2021. A book from Dark Horse Books called The Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition, which is due to be published on March 23, 2021, gives reason for speculation. Pre-orders are already possible on Amazon.com.

The product entry about the Artbook states the following:

Contains extensive new material from the DLCs for all three games–including the award-winning “Lair of the Shadow Broker” from Mass Effect 2 and the fan-favorite “Citadel” from Mass Effect 3.

Experience the evolution of the aliens, planets, ships, and technology that define this iconic science fiction universe, as the developers who brought BioWare’s masterpiece to life take you from the earliest design sketches through to the meticulous final renders.

Brimming with concept art and commentary, this expanded edition is the ultimate companion to one of the greatest series in the history of gaming!


It is not uncommon for such books to be brought onto the market together with the corresponding game releases. But whether Electronic Arts will actually launch a Mass Effect Trilogy is still not known. We may learn more about this title during the digital Gamescom 2020.