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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Unpacking Steam

Here's about unpacking game files in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

The planned remastered edition of the Mass Effect Trilogy, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, is now released. It combines the launchers for Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3. Visual improvements include improved versions, shaders, effects, light, and depth of field, all including over 40 DLCs will be available across all three games. Knowing all this you must have pre-loaded the game. But later you realize that it would take anywhere from few minutes to multiple hours to unpack the game files. So if you have heard about this and wondering how to reduce this unpacking time, then you arrived at the right place. Here’s all about the unpacking time in Steam for Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Steam Unpacking Time for Mass Effect Legendary Edition


The unpacking for Mass Effect Legendary Edition in Steam would take anywhere from 10 minutes to almost 2-3 hours. The speed depends on your processor and drives speeds. If you have the files in an SSD then it will be fast for you to unpack them.

Unpacking Mass Effect Legendary Edition

One of our gaming rigs took just 12 mins to unpack the Steam game files, but a low spec one took two hours even with an SSD. The processor speed and core count also matter here. So the only way to make sure that the files unpack fast is by doing it on a powerful PC. There is no other way to do this. So if you started the process on your PC and it’s showing ETA as hours, then your only option is to wait it out.


That’s everything you need to know about Steam game files unpacking in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. If you want to know how to import Face Codes from your old saves or if you are wondering if the legacy infinite money glitch still works in the LE version, then take a look at all the Mass Effect Legendary Edition Guides we have.