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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Goes Gold

With the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, players will receive three action role-playing games. Electronic Arts and BioWare have now officially announced the gold status of the game.

In the coming month, Electronic Arts and BioWare will launch the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Now the developers have announced that the remastered trilogy has reached gold status. This usually means that the game should arrive on time, without any delay.


With the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the players get the opportunity to relive the adventures of Commander Shephard. The developers also offer 4K resolution and HDR support. In addition to the actual main games, the trilogy will also contain 40 stories, weapons, and armor DLCs from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3.

The remastered versions offer revised character models, high-resolution textures, improvements to shaders and visual effects, lighting, dynamic shadows, volumetric elements, and depth of field. This is supposed to offer a better immersion, whereby the cutscenes have also been revised.

The first Mass Effect, in particular, has received extensive changes to the game world, which means that additional details on Eden Prime, Ilos, Feros, and other locations invite you to explore.


In addition, the interfaces and user interfaces have been updated. The fighting, exploration, aiming, troop control, and camera work have also been modernized. Finally, the character creation was standardized and expanded with further options.