Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Access DLC?

Here’s how you can access all the DLC in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition brings all the Mass Effect games under one pack. This edition also contains the 40+ DLC’s released throughout the three games. Most of the DLC’s were weapon upgrades or attribute upgrades, while others branched out the main storyline. The process of accessing the DLC in the previous games was similar to other games but it’s different in the Legendary edition. Let’s see how to access the DLC in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How To Access DLC In Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

how to access DLC in Mass effect legendary edition 2
In the previous editions, players could simply download the DLC and access it from the main menu. The legendary edition combines all three games and 40+ DLC’s, so you won’t have to separately access any of them. All the DLC’s are a part of the game’s main storyline (the only storyline in the edition) so players will be experiencing all of them as they move forward in the game. The only downside here is that this restricts players from directly jumping to a DLC as they have to go through the game to reach a specific point. This makes sense as the DLC content isn’t an add-on in the Legendary edition, it’s more like a part of the game itself.

Here Is A List Of Story Specific DLC‘s In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

  • Mass Effect 1 story DLC
    • Bring Down the Sky
    • Pinnacle Station
  • Mass Effect 2 story DLC
    • Normandy Crash Site
    • Zaeed – The Price of Revenge
    •  Firewalker
    • Kasumi – Stolen Memory
    •  Overlord
    •  Lair of the Shadow Broker
    •  Arrival
  • Mass Effect 3 story DLC
    • From Ashes
    • Leviathan
    •  Omega
    •  Citadel

These are all the story-specific DLC’s, there are various other DLC’s in the Legendary edition as well which focus on weapons and armor upgrades. All the three games and DLC’s are recalibrated in terms of graphics and controls to make them all look and feel like one big game, which makes this one unmissable.

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