Mass Effect Legendary Edition Console Commands And Cheats Available?

Find out if Mass Effect Legendary Edition Console Commands and Cheats exist or not.

A lot of players, new and old, are jumping into the world of Mass Effect with its 2021 release as a remastered compilation. Those who have played the original version of the game know that there were some cheats available in it. But are there cheats and  console commands in Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Can you tweak some stuff on PC to get advantages and boosts such as teleportation, walking through walls, and GiveTalentPoints? Here’s what you need to know.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Cheats and Console Commands

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Cheat Engine

It seems like there are no console commands and cheats in Mass Effect Legendary Edition that you can use. You may find various cheat codes online which give armor, weapons and more boosts but they are from the original game and not the 2021 edition. Players have still attempted to use those to see if they got lucky but it has not worked. Here’s a Reddit thread which discusses this and users have commented what they have tried.

As of now, third party mods/cheat engines seem to be the only ways to use ‘console commands’. Some players are trying out various things like changing the game files but it has not led to any confirmed cheats. You can check out the thread mentioned above to know more about the changes players are making.

So, there might be console commands hidden away in the game but no one has been able to crack it yet. Looks like the Mass Effect Legendary Edition handles the key binds differently compared to the original so that could be the reason behind this. If anything is discovered by a player, we will update the information right here.

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