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Balak Choice Guide: Mass Effect 1 (Kill Him or Let Him Live)

Want to know what is going to happen with Balak if you pick any of the choices.

When you meet Balak in Mass Effect 1, you will be given two choices. First, you can let him live or you can kill him.. Both will have an impact on the human relationship with other beings on the planet. There are many such multiple choices in the game which will have an impact on your overall strength. Read this guide to know what happens with Balak on different options. What happens if you choose to kill Balak in Mass Effect? What happens if you let him live?

Balak Multiple Choices


Balak has some hostages, if you force him to stay he can trigger an explosion. This can lead to the end of your friends. After talking to him you will see the final option where you have to choose one. Either to kill him or to let him leave the asteroid.

Let him go to save hostages:

Mass Effect 1 Balak Multiple Choice


After saving the hostages you will meet Simon. He won’t be happy with Balak leaving the asteroid. Also, a tragic incident is avoided, however, you will have to convince whatever decision you took is right. You saved the life of the hostages and let a terrorist flee.  Simon will produce you with options and armors of tools. Pick one that you need and later you will talk to the hostages.

They will be shocked by your call of saving them. Kate will share some info about the batarians movement. You can talk to Kate to get some more info about Balak.

Attack him:


Mass Effect 1 Balak Multiple Choice

When you choose this option after the talking, Balak will trigger the explosion. This will kill all the fellow humans in the area. Next, there will be a fight where you will have to defeat Balak for the next cutscene. You will be present with the following choices.

  • You’re delirious
  • Fire Warning Shot
  • Kill Him


To end Balak’s story pick the last option Kill him. If you want you can talk to him, but that would be a waste of time. You will learn from Simon the real plan of Balak. What he was about to do with the asteroids. Simon won’t be happy with your call of sacrificing the hostages. In the end, if you are able to convince him well you can earn some cool armor and tools. You can get an Omni tool from Simon.

In both cases, you are going to the Omni tool or armors. Here if you kill Barak you will lose the hostages. This will make Simon sad but it was for the greater good. But if you choose to save hostages and let Balak leave, then you put others at risk. It is your call.