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Marvel’s Spider-Man Free With PS Plus in June 2020 – Rumor

The premium and paid service of PlayStation, PS Plus (or PlayStation Plus), could be preparing to bring one of the most outstanding video game of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 next month.

One of the most successful exclusive titles on PS4 is none other than Marvel’s Spider-Man, according to its huge fan-base and positive reception from critics all around the world. The title also has a score of 87 on Metacritic with 8.6 ratings from users to date.

There are many fans who are requesting for the sequel to the title of Insomniac Games, although at the moment we are hardly having any official news about it. However, to “kill” some time waiting for the new Spidey adventure, it seems that Marvel’s Spider-Man will be available for free with PS Plus in June 2020.

There are several users from UK who are reporting that when they tried to buy the game on the PlayStation Store, the PS Plus Free logo appeared in the standard edition, which simply means that the game will be available for free to all subscribers to this premium service soon. It is worth mentioning that the logo only appeared in the British version of the PlayStation Store, so it is theoretically possible that it could be a mistake.

In any case, we would urge players who want to buy the game to wait for sometime before the list of free games is officially announced for June. It would also make sense to offer this game for free, since it was reported that Sony will be officially introducing the games for the Playstation 5 console in June, where the sequel to this game may be announced.

Additionally, we will also like to mention that PS Plus is currently available at a highly discounted price as a result of Sony’s Days of Play. It is a promotion in which many products of PlayStation are offered at a discounted rate.