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Marvel’s Avengers: Spider-Man Design Possibly Leaked, Exclusive Story Content Confirmed

It seems that the possible design of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers has been leaked online. In addition, Spider-Man will get an exclusive story content in the new title.

According to the leaked Spider-Man design, visible at the top of this page, it seems that the costume will be a mix of the movies and traditional Spider-Man. This might also mean that there will not be any other universe crossovers in the PS4 version of the series.

In addition, it turns out that the PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man will not be just an ordinary playable character in Marvel’s Avengers. The hero will be made available to players as part of a free update and, as it was confirmed recently, and this is only the beginning when it comes to exclusive content from the Japanese giant Sony.

According to reports, Spider-Man will not only be a character available only to PlayStation console owners, but will also receive its own full-fledged story. Shaun Escayg, the creative director of Marvel’s Avengers, who decided to lighten the situation a bit, spoke about the matter and admitted that “Spider-Man is in addition to the arc and the progression of the main story.

There was no swapping or anything else – we’ve got our plan, we’ve got our heroes that are coming out, the stories, the challenges, and the gameplay escalation that we’ve planned out – that’s all continuing. And then on top of all that stuff, we’ve also got Spider-Man now, and weaving him into [the story] is the key. There is no swapping or changing anything to accommodate that – he’s got to fit within the massive plan and all of that stuff we’ve already got. [Spider-Man] is sort of like a cherry on top, but it doesn’t affect or change [the story] in any way,” Escayg said.

Recall that Marvel’s Avengers will release on September 4 this year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. We also know that there are plans for versions for new generation consoles of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.