Marvel’s Avengers PS4 File Size Leaks, Requires A Lot of Storage Space

In a few days, the action title Marvel’s Avengers will be released for consoles and PC. We have already received the information that we are dealing with a game on Marvel’s Avengers for which you should reserve plenty of storage space.

Last weekend, interested players on all platforms were given the opportunity to take a detailed look at Marvel’s Avengers as part of the open beta. In addition, an unboxing video of the title was made available on the YouTube platform, with which an interesting detail was revealed.

The packaging of Marvel’s Avengers shows that we are dealing with a file size-hungry adventure for which you have to reserve 90 GB of free storage space on your hard drive. So far, the information only applies to the PS4 version, but the whole thing should move within a similar framework on the other systems.

Marvel’s Avengers will be released on September 4th, 2020 for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. In addition, implementations for the two next-generation consoles of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are in progress, which will be released on a date not yet mentioned.

As it has been promised again and again in recent months, the developers of Crystal Dynamics would like to support Marvel’s Avengers with new content in the long term after the launch. Among other things, new heroes, additional missions, or playful innovations such as extensive raids are planned.

From spring 2021, Spider-Man, for example, will be involved exclusively on the PlayStation platforms.