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Marvel’s Avengers Confirms MODOK As Main Villain in the New Gameplay Trailer

At the beginning of the War Table event announced a month ago, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics presented one of the main characters of Marvel’s Avengers, or the villain MODOK, in a trailer that tells the story of the title.

Today, it was confirmed that the iconic comic book villain from Marvel, MODOK, will be one of the antagonists of Marvel’s Avengers, as confirmed in a new story trailer released by Crystal Dynamics during the War Table event.


MODOK is the head of the Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) organization, behind the nefarious plan to defeat the Avengers. As illustrated in the new gameplay trailer that can be seen at the bottom of this article, the main character Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) does not trust AIM’s promises, and starts and thinks that her leader is experiencing something mysterious with humans.

In a moment the trailer also mentions that AIM plans to cure the “inhuman infection”, and fans of the comic book may remember that Kamala is a non-human. At some point, Tarleton confronts Kamala and tries to save her, but she refuses. At the end of the video, Tarleton becomes MODOK, with her huge head and mechanized hovercraft.

Despite never appearing in the popular Marvel franchise films, MODOK is a longtime villain of the Avengers and is a household name for fans of the series’ comics. His first appearance dates back to 1967, when he emerged as a villain faced by Captain America.


Recall that Marvel’s Avengers will release on 4 September for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia, and will also be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X.