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Marvel’s Avengers Developer Already Working on a “New Original AAA Game”

According to what emerged in the past few hours, Crystal Dynamics, the developer of Marvel’s Avengers, would be looking for new teams for the creation of a new AAA title.


The news was spread thanks to a series of new job advertisements that appeared on the official website of the US software house, which in these circumstances prove not only to be a “fundamental” hiring tool, but aim to feed the hopes and assumptions of gamers.

According to the information reported in one of the available lists, the project will be “a new original AAA game being built in our Redwood City studio.” But that’s not all, the job announcement reveals that the title will be “multiplayer focused” and will include PvP content.

At the moment we don’t know any further details on the new title in the works, but it shows how the company is already thinking about the future, despite having repeated several times that Marvel’s Avengers will receive several additional contents in the future, such as the upcoming debut of Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, and the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (the latter exclusive to PS4 and PS5 owners only).

It will likely take some time for the development team to reveal more information on the next game in the works. In addition to the previously mentioned characters, Crystal Dynamics has assured fans of the Marvel universe that he plans to add more heroes to the Avengers team as well, so months of hard work are scheduled ahead at the Redwood City studios.

We remind you that Marvel’s Avengers is already available for purchase on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia and will soon be playable on the new PS5 and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S thanks to the release of an update, free for those who have purchased one of the previous versions of the game.