Marvel’s Avengers Day One Patch Size and Contents Detailed

The launch of Marvel’s Avengers is accompanied by a Day One Patch that is around 18 GB in size.

Players who opt for the physical copy of Marvel’s Avengers will have to download a fairly large Day One patch on launch day. In a blog post, the developers at Crystal Dynamics explain that the download of the update is around 18 GB.

According to the manufacturer, the Day One patch not only contains last-minute fixes and adjustments that were made after the beta feedback, but also localization for a number of languages. The update is required for all gamers, including those not interested in playing the game online.

As mentioned earlier, Marvel’s Avengers requires a one-time internet connection when started for the first time, but the game can also be played offline.

If you prefer the download version of Marvel’s Avengers, you don’t have to download the patch separately. Whether the disk buyer can get the update via preload is not mentioned in the blog of the developer. The servers and the patch itself will therefore not go live until Tuesday, September 1st – the release date of the Deluxe Edition.

“Everyone will need to wait until the servers officially go live on September 1st to start playing,” says Crystal Dynamics. “It is important for us that matchmaking servers are populated because co-op is a fully integrated part of the experience.”

Yesterday, Square Enix and the developers responsible for Crystal Dynamics announced that the third and, for the time being, last War Table livestream that would take place for the launch of the action title. The focus is on post-launch support for Marvel’s Avengers.

As a little surprise, a new hero will be revealed in the course of the stream, who will find his way into the game after the release.