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What is the Max Level Cap And How To Earn XP Fast in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Ticks and tricks to earn XP fast

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a ton of fun, and you can forget time as you are playing through the story mode and the Infinity modes it can be that addictive but one thought usually will creep up your mind about the max level cap. This guide will show you what exactly is the max level cap and how to max out your favorite character.

What is the Max Level Cap in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3


The max level cap you can achieve in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is 100, but do not think that this is achievable with ease. You will have to go through the entire game and still it won’t be enough to reach level 100.

Why leveling up characters matters

The more you level up your characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 the more progress they’ll make in the game, which will offer them more strength, health, and attacks. If you have found your favorite chracter, build a team around him or her and take that character to the max.


How to Level Up Characters Fast in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

To level up your character fast, you will have to collect as many XP Cubes you can see floating around in the game. There are a total of five XP Cubes that you can find in the game, so make sure you keep an eye on them.

  • Cosmic XP Cube
  • Ultimate XP Cube
  • Small XP Cube
  • Solid XP Cube
  • Enhanced XP Cube


How To Use XP Cubes In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

To use this XP Cubes, you will need to go to the Team Menu and here you can upgrade whatever you wish to enhance. Check the hero info and use an XP Cube by pressing Y.

Alternatively, you can also level up fast by trying your luck in the Infinity Trials and selecting the ‘Wave’ option which will send hordes of enemies towards you. You can replay this as many times as you like.


This is all there is to know about the Max Level Cap and How to earn XP fast in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.