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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 How To Unlock Alternative Costume And Change Them

Give your hero a different looks

Superhero costumes are great but what adds to this greatness is the ability to have multiple costumes for your character so that you can don the perfect attire in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Having a second set of costume means that you do not have to complete the entire game in the same old costume as you can change it as per your wish, kind of like the perfect costume for a specific mission, just like in the series.


How to unlock costumes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

In order to be able to change costumes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you will first have to unlock them. After that, you will also need to have the specific character unlocked in your team to be able to change the outfit.

Every character has an alternate costume but you will not be able to unlock these alternative costumes by just playing the storyline. You will need to complete the Infinity Trials.


To access these Infinity Trials, you will have to go to the main menu, access through Sheild Points or via the various rifts hidden in the levels. You will have certain objectives to complete within the parameters.

You can earn up to three costumes per Infinity Trial, changing difficulty levels also helps in unlocking further costumes. You will need to collect a certain number of stars.

Alternatively, you can just buy the Expansion Pack which will unlock some of these costumes if you wish to have them instantly.


How to Change Costumes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

After you have alternative costumes available for your characters you simply can change the costumes by adding the superhero to your team and then by going into the Team Menu.

Once there you hero whose costume you wish to change by pressing A and then you will be taken to the Hero Info screen, once there simply press X to see the different options available from which you have unlocked.


Here are some costumes and info on how to unlock them

  1. Red Falcon – Complete Lambda Infinity
  2. Green Elsa Bloodstone – Complete Lambda Infinity
  3. Blue Venom – Defeat Venom on Superior Difficulty
  4. Blue Magneto – Complete Lambda Infinity
  5. Pink Spider-Gwen – Complete Psi Infinity Trial
  6. Blue Captain Marvel – Complete Gamma Infinity Trial
  7. Ms. Marvel Pink – Complete Psi Infinity Trial
  8. Black Panther in Purple – Complete Sigma Infinity Trial
  9. Nightcrawler Yellow – Complete Sigma Infinity Trial
  10. Green and Silver Loki – Complete Sigma Infinity Trial
  11. Blue Dr. Strange – Complete Sigma Infinity Trial
  12. White and Yellow Iron Fist – Complete Shadowlands on Superior Difficulty
  13. Daredevil Defenders Comic Suit – Complete Shadowlands on Superior Difficulty
  14. Hulk – Complete Gamma Infinity Trial
  15. Spider-Man – Complete Gamma Infinity Trial
  16. Captain America Nomad – Complete Gamma Infinity Trial
  17. Black Widow White Outfit – Complete Gamma Infinity Trial
  18. Wolverine Yellow and Red – Complete Sigma Infinity Trial
  19. Electra Black – Complete Gamma Infinity Trial
  20. Blue Iron Man – Complete Psi Infinity Trial
  21. Hawkeye Purple Comic Costumes – Complete Sigma Infinity Trial
  22. Gamora Blue Armor – Complete Psi Infinity Trial
  23. Luke Cage Blue – Complete Psi Infinity Trial
  24. Deadpool Chef – Buy the Expansion Pass
  25. White Deadpool – Complete Lambda Infinity

Complete the challenges to unlock new costumes giving your hero different looks and have fun playing Ultimate Alliance 3.