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All Fortnite Marvel Skins Ranked

Here is our guide on all the Marvel skins in Fortnite till now.

With the recent season of Fortnite including the web-slinger into the game, it is without a doubt that the collaboration between Fortnite and Marvel is going to keep expanding over years. As described by Donald Mustard- the brains behind Fortnite during the season of Nexus War, this is just the beginning of many Marvel crossovers in the Fortnite universe. In this guide let’s take a look at all the Marvel skins included in Fortnite.

Fortnite Marvel Skins So Far (Ranked)

Here is a list of all the Marvel skins appearing in the Fortnite Universe.

32. Star-Lord

Although I love the dance-off from Guardians of Galaxy that Fortnite has included with the character, I had some issues with his hair and jacket. To me, it was like a version of Drift wearing Star-Lord’s costume.

star lord in fortnite

31. Black Widow

Ever since Black Widow has been introduced, she has been the most dynamic boss lady of MCU. You would have seen her sporting a white outfit seen in the Black widow trailers. Fortnite has included the outfit with the character too. But for me, the predecessor skin added earlier had more features of a Black Widow than this skin that looks more cartoonish and a Fortnite face to me.

black widow skin

30. Gamora

If you have seen her in Marvel’s What if? recently, you will know how powerful the daughter of Thanos is. I feel Gamora is very underrated throughout Marvel. Her addition to Fortnite had no face characteristics close to or similar to her MCU counterpart. But as it was more honest towards her comic counterpart it’s a good approach by Fortnite.


29. Shang-Chi

The skin and outfit for the Master of Kung-Fu were added on Fortnite in celebration of Shang-Chi’s theatrical release. I feel that it did not do much justice to its Marvel Comics as well as its MCU counterpart.

shang chi marvel skin fortnite

28. Dark Phoenix

What I loved about this skin is that it is an exact doppelganger of the Phoenix from the Uncanny X-Men (1980s). All of her features including her hair, suit, and face are an exact duplication of the Dark Phoenix counterpart from the Uncanny X-Men comics. This is what I would call a sweet reminiscence and tribute to the Dark Phoenix.

dark phoenix marvel skin

27. Thor

Although many fans cried out loud when they saw Thor with no beard and helmet in Fortnite, his skin design is straight up taken from Thor (2020) Comics. What I love about this skin is that you can also use both Stormbreaker and Mjolnir(muh-ol-neer ) to wreak havoc on your opponents. Also, the entire event of Thor crashing in the Fortnite universe is canon in Marvel Comics still boggles my mind.

thor skin

26. Silver Surfer

This is a cosmo-being in Marvel Comics that defeated Thanos with his Surfboard and now can fly around the Fortnite universe. His skin design felt pretty neat to me. Although it feels a bit weird watching him dance, I love the idea of the Silver Surfer in the Fortnite universe.

silver surfer marvel skin fortnite

25. Ant-Man

Who would not like to ride a Big Ant in the Fortnite universe? This version of Ant-Man, although from Earth-616 ( Original Marvel Universe) has a suit similar to the one in MCU.

ant-man skin

24. She-Hulk

Begin as Jennifer Walters and smash your way into She-Hulk in Fortnite Universe. You can even transform her into Red She-Hulk.

she-hulk skin

23. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel’s skin in the Fortnite universe has taken some aspects from Marvel Comics as well as MCU. She is included with the Royalty Set in Fortnite along with two other heroes.

captain fortnite skin

22. Groot

I am Groot! I am Groot! Groot is Groot. His design is adapted from Marvel Comics and includes Rocket Racoon as his Pet (face-palm).

groot skin

21. Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze had ridden his way in Fortnite Universe during the Nexus war event. His skin design has been adapted from his counterpart from Earth 616 (Marvel Comics).

fortnite marvel ghost rider skin

20. Domino

Her character design is adapted from Marvel Comics counterpart. Nothing can go wrong with luck on your side with Domino. She is included in the X-Force set in Fortnite.

19. Psylocke

This skin design is taken from Marvel Comics and included in X-force set in Fortnite as well. Here design fits the universe of Fortnite and includes Shirayaki Katana as well.

18. Cable

Time-traveller and a warrior from the future, this version of Cable is from the Marvel universe 616. He is the last hero to be included in the X-Force set.

cable psylocke domino skin in fortnite

17. Storm

With the addition of her in the Fortnite universe, now you can gather a storm and lightning.  Storm’s character design is from the X-Factor, issue 3 (Marvel Comic) as she, Psylocke, Mystique, and Domino teleported from Marvel Universe to Fortnite universe.

storm fortnite marvel skin

16. Blade

Everyone’s favorite vampire (half) and vampire hunter is finally here to destroy all the players in the Fortnite universe. His face and other characteristics look the same as in Marvel Comics. This skin also includes his iconic jacket.

fortnite blade skin marvel

15. Carnage

Let there be Carnage. Carnage was included with the same symbiotic attributes as Venom in Fortnite. Its character design is adapted from Venom 2 but in my personal opinion, I did not feel much of a Carnage with this one.

carnage skin

14. Doctor Doom

This is one of the skin designs that look exactly like their Marvel Comics counterpart in Fortnite. His cape and armor look pretty decent with a scary look on his face, that is all the elements necessary for a supervillain.

dr doom

13. Deadpool

Breaking the fourth wall again? Yes! After killing the entire Marvel and Disney Universe in Marvel Comics, Deadpool had entered the Fortnite universe in Chapter 2 Season 2 to slay all the opponents. You can change his style with his mask off or the mercenary red costume.

deadpool skin fortnite marvel

12. Taskmaster

He knows all the moves you are about to make. His skin design match exactly like his comic counterpart.

taskmaster skin

11. Mystique

This version of Mystique is wearing skulls around her waist and a skull implanted on her forehead. Her appearance matches her comic counterpart from X-Factor issues. As you know Mystique can change her form into another person, in Fortnite too you change your form into the person you killed. Isn’t that cool? But is she the strongest hero in Fortnite? Scroll till the end to know who stands in the Top 10.

marvel mystique skin

10. Loki

If you enjoyed and loved Loki in Avengers (2012) then this Fortnite skin is a sweet treat for you. Fortnite even included his scepter and the clothes he was wearing in the first Avengers.

loki fortnite marvel skin

9. Thanos

His entry in Fortnite was kind of inevitable with all the Marvel characters dropping in. Although he cannot use any weapons, this is a character you might not want to miss playing with as he also does not experience any fall damage. You can also use a snap emote to flash light and use different infinity stones for different abilities.

fortnite thanos skin

8. Daredevil

If you are a fan of Matt Murdock, you know what happened in Spiderman: No Way Home. While it may take some time to see a Daredevil suit with DD emblem on his chest in MCU, you can unlock the character on Fortnite. You can either play a skin design that is more Fortnite-based or a design based on Marvel Comics.

fortnite daredevil skin

7. Wolverine

What are the aspects I loved about this skin? Three things! His costume, His claws, and Logan. You can change your character style and sport as Logan or as Wolverine with a full yellow X-Men Costume.

wolverine skin in fortnite

6. Iron Man

This is Tony Stark from Earth 616 but unlike MCU’s Tony, not dead and still a CEO of Stark Industries. He teleported to Fortnite during the Nexus War event. He has an arc reactor embedded in his chest and can suit up his Nanotechnology Iron suit with an emote.

iron man marvel skin in fortnite

5. Nick Fury

No! Nick Fury is not here to talk about the Avengers Initiative, he is here to kill his opponents in Fortnite. His skin design is much similar to his counterpart in Marvel Comics.

nick fury skin in fortnite

4. Captain America

Talking about Marvel Characters? I can do this all day. Captain America is one of my most favorite O.G Avengers and made his debut in Fortnite during the Nexus War event. He is seen sporting his classic MCU suit with his Proto-Adamantium Shield.

fortnite captain america

3. Black Panther

This skin design is truly a fitting tribute to the rightful king of Wakanda. You can switch into the classic Black Panther suit or the kinetic charged Black panther suit you might have seen in Black Panther (2018)

 fortnite black panther skin

2. Venom and Eddie

Eddie Brock has been added to the Fortnite universe with the release of Venom 2: Let there be Carnage. If you love their symbiotic relation, you can use an emote to unleash Venom and use the emote again to transform him back into Eddie.

eddie venom fortnite skin

1. Spiderman and MJ

With the release of Spiderman: No Way Home, Marvel took full advantage of their collaboration with Fortnite to include Peter Parker and MJ (Michelle Jones) from MCU. Their skin designs are the same as Zendaya and Tom Holland. Sling around the Fortnite universe, and shoot webs but always remember “With Great power comes Great responsibility” so be ready to destroy all of your opponents (which is not what Uncle Ben said)

spiderman mj fortnite skins

That concludes all the Marvel characters in the Fortnite universe till now. If you liked this guide, you can also check our other Fortnite Guides, walkthroughs, tips, and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.